ARC New Client | NRG Energy

Have you ever noticed an NRG Energy charging station? If so, chances are the charging station was in the front row of the parking lot and you were jealous of the Tesla getting the best spot and a free charge!

Or you may have watched the Patriots win the 2017 Super Bowl at “NRG Stadium” in Houston TX…

Well, we’re proud to announce that NRG Energy is ARC Relocation’s newest client!

What does NRG Energy do?

NRG Energy collaborates with businesses to customize innovative power and sustainability solutions to diligently stay ahead of an ever-evolving energy climate with rising demands.

How serious is NRG?

¬ In 2009, NRG began an initiative to become a green energy producer and started investing money in clean energy projects. They include onshore and offshore wind power, solar thermal energy, photovoltaic and distributed solar power facilities, and repowering of some of their traditional coal plants with biomass.

¬ In late 2010, NRG launched the “EVgo” network, the first completely private public car charging station network for electric power vehicles.

¬ In January 2011, NRG signed a two-year agreement to provide 100% renewable energy for the Empire State Building.

¬ Now, in 2018, NRG has committed to reduce their own carbon emissions 50% by 2030 and working towards a 90% reduction by 2050.

NRG is considered the leading company in the power industry, with headquarters in Houston, TX and West Windsor Township, NJ. ARC Relocation is considered an industry leader in employee relocation services. We are proud to announce that ARC Relocation has signed an exclusive relocation agreement with NRG Energy to relocate the brightest minds in the industry to help support their mission!

“We are thrilled to be able to work with a company that has a strong sense of responsibility towards the planet and the future as we do at ARC”, said ARC’s Director, Bill Mulholland SCRP, GMS. “As an organization, ARC has enacted several green initiatives in-house to include partnering moving companies that are “EPA SmartWay certified” showing their commitment towards reducing their carbon footprint on the environment!”