ARC Relocation’s Newest Client – Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Have you ever heard of “Berkeley Lab”? If not don’t feel bad, neither had we… until we were invited to their RFP for Employee Relocation Services.

If you haven’t heard of Berkeley Lab you are definitely familiar with their work!

About Berkeley Lab

Located in Berkeley California Berkeley Lab is regarded as one of the top labs in the entire world! Founded in 1931, the work that has been done and the discoveries that have been made at Berkeley Lab have changed the world time as we know it!

Since the Lab’s beginning, 13 Nobel Prizes have been awarded to Berkeley Lab scientists, including 1 earned by Lawrence himself for inventing the cyclotron, 15 National Medal of Science recipients, and 1 National Medal of Technology and Innovation recipient.

Notable Discoveries at Berkeley Lab:

  • Scientifically Proved “The Big Bang Theory”
  • Discovered 16 New Elements on Periodic Table of Elements
  • Identified Good and Bad Cholesterol
  • Discovered Dark Energy
  • Scientifically Explained Photosynthesis
  • Built and maintains the World’s Most Powerful Telescope
  • Measured the Scale of the Universe
  • Caught Climate Change in the Act
  • Created Genetic Engineering Tool

Other notable statistics about Berkeley Lab:

  • $803 Million Dollar Budget
  • 3,304 Employees
  • 2nd Largest Employer in Berkeley
  • Generates more than $500 Million into San Fran Bay Area Economy

One of the coolest things about working at ARC Relocation is getting to know different companies and having the opportunity to support different missions. ARC Relocation is proud to have been selected from the 13 Relocation Management Companies invited to the RFP as the sole Employee Relocation provider to Berkeley Lab!

“We are excited to do our small part to support Berkeley Lab by relocating the brightest minds in each field from all over the world to help continue their storied history!” – Bill Mulholland, SCRP, GMS Director, ARC Relocation.