Best Tips to Make Your Next Move as Smooth as Possible

There are a lot of headaches when it comes time to move, and many times these headaches can be avoided by taking the extra step to prevent a problem. Anything from the way you pack your belongings to hiring professional movers can help make your next move smooth and more relaxed.

Get organized

When it comes to moving, you can never be too organized, especially if you have a bunch of people like friends and family helping you move. Plastic baggies can be your best friend when disassembling your furniture and belongings. Make sure to keep all of the nuts, bolts and small parts together in the same place. Keeping these little pieces together can keep your head straight when you go back and reassemble furniture in your new home.

Another great organizing practice is to color code and label all of your boxes. By labelling or color coding, you will know where each box goes once they make it to your new home. It can also let the movers know what is in each box, so they can place it in a safe spot during the moving process. Nothing is worse than finding out that a box of glasses made its way to the bottom of the truck.

Take extra precaution with fragile items

The number one goal for your move is make sure nothing breaks! Clothes can be a mover’s best friend when it comes to protecting your valuables and saving on packing peanuts or bubble wrap. Wrap those glass dishes and cups in shirts, pants or even socks! Not only will you be saving money on packing materials, but you will also be more efficient with packing.

By combining your clothes with those fragile items, you can clear up some space in your suitcase for your important articles of clothing.

And always remember, if you’re packing plates, don’t place them on top of each other. Pack them vertically, they’re less likely to break during the moving process.

Don’t be afraid to hire movers

When you move, you might have a lot of friends and family offer to help you move all of your furniture and boxes to your new home. However, inexperience will show when they start maneuvering your large furniture pieces such as your dressers and couches.

Don’t be afraid to hire professional movers to help with those large bulky pieces of furniture. Professionals have strategies in place for even the most awkward furniture shapes and tight hallways. The last thing you need is to have a giant scratch on your wall or breaking a leg on a table because your friends couldn’t get the right angle when they brought it through the front door of your new house. Save the time and stress for something more important during the moving process.

Don’t forget how things were set up

It is really easy to forget how your electronics were set up initially at your old home, so when you move, a lot of headaches are caused by not remembering how things were set up and trying to figure out how to plug in that pesky flat screen television.

We recommend that you take a picture of your electronics setup before you begin to take things apart and pack it away. Documenting your setup will allow you to organize boxes and like-parts together so you don’t have wires tangled everywhere. This will also help you get your television and entertainment centers installed smoothly, so you and your family can kick back and relax once the move is over.