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Employee Spotlight: Pat Shea

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Employee Spotlight

Pat Shea, CRP, GMS

Pat Shea is a proud Native of Virginia.  Pat and her husband of 30 years (wow!) have raised their family in the NOVA area. 

Pat has a distinguished career in relocation.  Pat has provided relocation support to government and corporate accounts for 30 years.  Pat plays a key role at ARC Relocation for multiple government and corporate accounts. Pat is a Senior Relocation Consultant on the US Customs & Border Protection account and over the last 10 years Pat has assisted in moving over 11,000 Customs and Border Patrol Officers to help keep our nation safe and our borders secure. At ARC we consider Pat’s role mission critical!  

Pat has received several awards and certifications during her career confirming her industry expertise and her dedication to going above and beyond. Examples of awards and accolades include but are not limited to: a Distinguished Medal from CBP, Certified Relocation Professional (CRP) & Global Mobility Specialist (GMS) from the Employee Relocation Council (ERC).

Pat is well liked by all of her coworkers at ARC and consistently receives emails and notes from transferees singing her praises.

When Pat isn’t providing excellent customer service to ARC Relocation clients, she spends time with her friends, family, and family pets.  Pat’s favorite place to rest and relax are (any) beach or mountain. 

Pat Shea, CRP, GMS – THANK YOU for all of your hard work and service and your dedication to EXCELLENCE!

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