Home Buyer Security


Home Buyer Security – They’re Listening.

Bob Dylan wrote “The Times They Are A-Changin’” and that was more than 40 years ago.  If only he knew how true this would be in the year 2019.  The power of surveillance has moved from the hands of the federal government and into the hands of consumers, and this changing of guard has rewoven the fabric of our lives.  ARC Relocation Director Bill Mulholland recently published that “Big brother isn’t just watching…he’s listening, too.”  Cameras are installed on almost every intersection in U.S. cities, and most citizens know that they can’t get away with running red lights anymore.

However, we wonder if potential home buyers know that millions of home owners are watching, AND listening to the showing of their home…live!

Our team here at ARC focuses on giving our clients the newest and most effective product.  The relocation/mobility industry recognizes that and that’s why World Wide ERC published ARC’s most recent article; in which we educate home buyers how to protect themselves during the home viewing process. Don’t forget, they’re not just watching, they’re listening too!

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