How Horses Can Save Your Business

Life on earth is resilient. Our beloved planet has survived meteor strikes and countless cosmic disruptions that could have spelled disaster for the third rock from the sun. Human beings are no exception to this rule, we are durable.  Throughout our time here the reason humans have endured, is simple our ability to adapt. At ARC Relocation we apply the same philosophy of adaptation to our position in the marketplace. Since the Corona Virus introduced itself to the world in 2019, it has been hard for many businesses all around the world just to stay in afloat, let alone thrive. Furthermore, ARC knows there may be many factors affecting the economy as a result of the current pandemic and that many professionals and business owners may be encountering these obstacles for the first time in their career.  That said, ARC looks at the current socio-economic state as a challenge and we are here to say “challenge accepted”!

Relocation Management During COVID-19

Margaret J. Wheatley was once quoted stating that “The thing we fear most in organizations—fluctuations, disturbances, imbalances— are the primary sources of creativity”. This could not be truer than it is today in the current market condition. We must admit, our team members at ARC were slightly distraught when state’s (like VA where ARC is headquartered) mandated that offices had to close, and that many businesses would not be allowed to stay open as they were not considered essential.  Such mandates required immediate action. Therefore, such ARC was fortunate enough to transition all of our employees to remote positions. Then we took another hit when one of our largest contracts expired, and organizations were questioning whether or not relocation companies were essential.  With all the adversity staring us in the face, we did the only thing we know how to do; fight!  We figured out how we could provide the highest quality of relocation management services for the best price. We began to think outside of the box. While doing so, we realized that one of our largest strengths lay in our independent ownership and lack of corporate affiliations.  This ownership model continues to allow ARC to conduct business with whomever we would like, and also gives us the liberty to provide more services than the typical relocation management company in 2020.

With our corporate freedom, the ARC business development team began to reach out to and work with companies/agencies that we may have over looked before, most notably, the U.S. Army. Although ARC is no stranger to relocating U.S. Military personnel and has worked with the U.S. Army in the past (as about 50% of our business stems from federal government contracts), we were pleasantly surprised when we reviewed the statement of work for our most recent contract with the branch.

Relocating U.S. Army Personnel 

ARC is honored to say that we successfully relocated 7 of the U.S. Army’s most prized possessions; 7 pure bread horse who were to be stationed at the Arlington Cemetery in Washington D.C. Not only are the horses valuable assets to the U.S. Army but we also recognize that they are living service members, and as such we did what have been doing for the last 16 years; we partnered with a provider who has the highest customer service satisfaction rating and the best price (who offers their lowest prices exclusively to ARC). These horses are tasked with pulling the remains of fallen soldiers to their final resting place, and when ARC saw pictures of these equestrian services members’ first mission, we were overwhelmed with feelings of patriotism and joy.

Since our collaboration with the U.S. Army, ARC has gone on to manage many more obscure relocation programs.   Our new standard operating procedure is to search high and low for any space wherein ARC may lend a helping hand.  As a result, the new clients could not be happier.  Many relocation companies have not been as fortunate as ARC since the pandemic struck and as such, those needing relocation services have had a difficult time acquiring the assistance they need.

Although contracts like the one for the U.S. Army may not be ARC’s “bread and butter”, we continue to innovate, and get creative in our work selection as we understand that we are fortunate enough to be still be working.  Not only have we been able to retain our entire staff but ARC Relocation has continued to report revenue that puts us on track for our 2020 goals which were established before the virus.

The citizens of the world are coming together and finding new ways to live their best life in 2020, and ARC is fully onboard! Even though these may be trying times, ARC looks at the current socio-economic state as an opportunity to grow and learn so that we may better service our audience. We innovate, get creative, and think outside the box. In doing so, we are always one step closer to truly fulfilling our corporate mission to “Transform Perspectives”!

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About Bill

In his role as Director of Business Development at ARC Bill oversees all aspects of the growth initiatives for both government and corporate clients, domestically and globally. Bill graduated from George Mason University with a BA in Psychology and has been in the relocation industry since 2000. Bill has earned both his SCRP and GMS designations from ERC. Bill is the former President for the Greater Washington Area Employee Relocation Council (GWERC), ERC content committee member, ERC Ambassador, the recipient of the ERC’s “Meritorious Service Award” and “Distinguished Service Award”.

Bill Mulholland, SCRP, GMS
Founder & Owner
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