Oceanfront Yoga

Oceanfront Yoga

Practice the ancient art of physical, mental and spiritual practices and disciplines with Michelle Stratton as the sun rises to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Allow this experience to “transform your perspective” by practicing the ancient that art allows true physical and spiritual happiness!

About Michelle

Michelle Stratton

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Michelle Stratton first began her yoga practice in 2005, and after several years of being a dedicated practitioner started the quest to study yoga and deepen her practice in 2008. She earned her first 200 hour teaching certificate that year, and has subsequently completed an additional 300 hours in Ashtanga Yoga and 150 hours in “Rocket” Yoga, traveling to Puerto Rico, New York, Barcelona, and Milan to study with renowned yogi, David Kyle.
She has also been dedicated to traveling abroad to study with some of the great teachers of our time such as Kino Mcgregor, Tim Feldman, and David Robinson to name a few. In 2015 Michelle made the classic pilgrimage to India in pursuit of an authentic yoga student journey and gained a great and renewed awareness of yogic philosophy.
Her teaching style is a mindful, fun, accessible, and challenging practice of linking breath and movement. The asanas, or poses are simply obstacles in keeping a smooth and steady breath while challenging the body. Finding stillness of the mind through controlled breath is the ultimate aim of the practice. In reaching this level of quiet control over the mind, the practice takes itself off the mat and into the world with a little less chaos, and a deeper sense of calm. Breathe in, peace out. 
She loves family, community, travel, yoga, life, and above all, loves to share all of these wonderful bendiciones… Love and love.