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Did you know that historically between 8-10% of the population move each year? If you are planning on buying or selling a home, ARC has given you access to the same discounts and rebates they offer to relocating employees.  You can use these rebates for personal moves, 2nd homes, investment properties and more!

What is the “American Relocation Rebate?

The program has two possible applications:

  1. Home Purchase
  2. Home Sale

** You may not be eligible to use the rebate program on a home sale if you are also taking advantage of another formalized program in which your employer is paying the Realtor commissions **

ARC Relocation will utilize their national database of over 40,000 Realtors to match you up with the Realtor that best suits your needs. If you close on the transaction with the Realtor we referred to you, we will give you a cash back bonus or rebate.  The rebate is based on the purchase or sales price of the home that you are buying or selling, and is based on a minimum of a 3% commission.

This program is offered at no cost to you.  Contact us and find out what ARC Relocation can do for you.

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