Property Management

ARC currently reports the highest sales for property management services to the US Government. ARC provides property management for thousands of homes all over the country and in many US Territories. In a relocation situation, the house that is being managed is typically a transferee’s home and is one of their most significant investments. We also understand that a home holds more value than can be measured with a dollar amount. The homeowner will likely be away for long periods of time and we are equipped to provide the frequent updates on the condition of the property that the homeowner needs. All updates and walk through inspections will also be posted to the web portal. Your employees can expect attention to detail and know that their requirements are our top priority.

ARC will provide your employees with property management support for their home, either with a tenant or vacant as the homeowner dictates. Scroll down to read more about ARC’s Property Management program!

Coordination for Property Management Services

The Relocation Counselor will discuss the property management benefit during the initial discussion, if authorized.  It is important to us that our clients understand the wide variety of services that we offer.  These benefits are designed to make the life easier. Take advantage of all the perks detailed below, and let us handle all our your property management needs!

ARC’s Property Management Program

Leasing the Property & Tenant Management

  • Select qualified local brokers for the marketing of the property for rent or qualify an employee recommended property manager. The employee recommended manager will have to sign an ARC agreement prior to the start of the service.
  • Prepare a comparative market analysis and provide a rental value report.
  • Create marketing strategies to facilitate the rental of the home at market value.
  • Screen potential tenants through credit checks, employment verification and background checks.
  • Negotiate and prepare the lease to assure it offers the appropriate protection including a thirty (30) day tenant vacate clause in case of homeowner’s early return from duty.
  • Ensure that the tenant fully understands the possibility that the owner may be recalled and need to return to the old duty station.
  • Notify SSA if a local State, County or City law supersedes the required thirty (30) day vacate clause.
  • Determine and document the condition of the property upon departure of the homeowner.
  • No sublets are allowed
  • The tenants listed on lease are the actual tenants.
  • Respond to and address any tenant concerns as they arise during the term of the tenancy.
  • Coordinate lease extensions, tenant departure and re-marketing of the property for timely re-lease.
  • Hold harmless against illegal activities and manage the eviction process, if necessary.

Repairs and Maintenance Expenses

  • Ensure employee understands their responsibilities for repair and maintenance costs.
  • Coordinate all interior and exterior maintenance and repairs with employee approval.
  • Plan and coordinate any improvements to the property with employee.
  • Obtain competitive bids for all maintenance and repairs; select qualified vendors; monitor the work and process all vendor payments.
  • Ensure that all extraordinary repairs are contracted with homeowner’s express written consent.

Property Inspections

  • Initial inspections will be with the transferee or their representative.
  • If property is stored, an inventory of owner property will be established at that time and signed by both parties.
  • Physically inspect the interior and exterior of the property each quarter (or at the policy frequency) after initial departure inspection regardless of whether the property is vacant or occupied.
  • All inspections should be accompanied by photos and video as necessary
  • Additional inspections will be performed as needed to maintain the property in good condition, but generally no more frequently than every forty-five (45) calendar days
  • The final inspection will be accompanied by a written report that will be signed by all parties. Coordinate repatriation needs including refurbishing of the property, transfer of payments and security deposit returns.