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ARC Relocating Horses 

Relocating Horses is serious business. I mean after all, you cant just put them in an crate under a plane  like you do your fur baby. Given the gravity of relocating horses clients tend to (and should) take extra precautions when choosing a relocation provider.

ARC has moved 100’s of animals since our founding and have never had one single incident of mistreatment, injury or loss of the animal. Every transport we have ever facilitated has yielded survey results of 100% customer satisfaction. This rating means that ARC team members, and the third-party service providers we chose were “Outstanding” and went “Exceeded Expectations”. Being a relocation manager as long as we have, we have seen it all. That’s why it should come to no surprise to you, when we say that we have extensive experience relocating horses! To be a full-service relocation service provider means to find a way to be an extension of our client at all costs.

When we were awarded our first horse transport, we vetted numerous service providers to find the perfect option. At ARC we understand that these animals are not only a significant financial investment, but they are a living creature, an independent life! We made, and will continue to make sure that whomever is handling the animals of our clients, does so with the upmost care and competency. Per our internal protocol, we gather rates and reviews from a minimum of 2 vendors, but the rule of thumb is the source as many as possible. We reached out to our contacts at numerous prestigious stables in The United States and got their recommendations as well. We then asked if the service providers we had found already, meet their standards. We value expert opinions and best practice suggestions, so we go straight the top of the ladder, and make sure our clients are getting the best support, at the best price.

Relocating Horses for the U.S. Army 

Most recently, ARC is honored to say that we successfully relocated 7 of the U.S. Army’s most prized possessions; 7 pure bread horse who were to be stationed at the Arlington Cemetery in Washington D.C. Again, not only are the horses valuable assets to the U.S. Army but we also recognize that they are living service members, and as such we did what have been doing for the last 16 years; we partnered with a provider who has the highest customer service satisfaction rating and the best price (who offers their lowest prices exclusively to ARC). These horses are tasked with pulling the remains of fallen soldiers to their final resting place, and when ARC saw pictures of these equestrian services members’ first mission, we were overwhelmed with feelings of patriotism and joy. None of staff imagined that relocating horses would affect us in this way.

Since our collaboration with the U.S. Army, ARC has gone on to manage many more obscure relocation programs.   Our new standard operating procedure is to search high and low for any space wherein ARC may lend a helping hand.  As a result, the new clients could not be happier.  Many relocation companies have not been as fortunate as ARC since the pandemic struck and as such, those needing relocation services have had a difficult time acquiring the assistance they need.

Although contracts like the one for the U.S. Army may not be ARC’s “bread and butter”, we continue to innovate, and get creative in our work selection as we understand that we are fortunate enough to be still be working.  Not only have we been able to retain our entire staff but ARC Relocation has continued to report revenue that puts us on track for our 2020 goals which were established before the virus.

The citizens of the world are coming together and finding new ways to live their best life in 2020, and ARC is fully onboard! Even though these may be trying times, ARC looks at the current socio-economic state as an opportunity to grow and learn so that we may better service our audience. We innovate, get creative, and think outside the box. In doing so, we are always one step closer to truly fulfilling our corporate mission to “Transform Perspectives”!

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In his role as Director of Business Development at ARC Bill oversees all aspects of the growth initiatives for both government and corporate clients, domestically and globally. Bill graduated from George Mason University with a BA in Psychology and has been in the relocation industry since 2000. Bill has earned both his SCRP and GMS designations from ERC. Bill is the former President for the Greater Washington Area Employee Relocation Council (GWERC), ERC content committee member, ERC Ambassador, the recipient of the ERC’s “Meritorious Service Award” and “Distinguished Service Award”.

Bill Mulholland, SCRP, GMS
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