Stay Strong Puerto Rico

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Stay Strong Puerto Rico

Last month ARC Relocation made a public request to collect and send supplies to the ravaged island of Puerto Rico. The result was an outpour of generosity from friends, family, and colleagues from all over. So much so that a second shipment is needed to take everything that didn’t make it the first time. Our initial container was 20,000 lbs over the limit! 

We collected everything from construction supplies such as extension cords, wheelbarrows, hammers, work gloves, and chainsaws to baby wipes, diapers, and formula. We are very appreciative of all the donations that were dropped off as well as the cash donations which totaled over $3,000!  ARC Relocation 

We’re proud of the ARC Relocation team, the Paxton Companies, Aaversal Global Logistics, Override Films, and all of the other volunteers that were involved to make this all happen!  


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