Top Relocation Company

Top Relocation Company


The weather is beautiful, the kids are out of school, you’re stocking up on sun-screen, that’s right, we’re talking about summer!

While most of us are getting ready to enjoy ourselves at the beach, on the boat, or in the pool, millions of other North Americans are tasked with one of the most stressful life events of modern times; moving.

Whether someone is relocating for work, or just wanting to spice things up a bit, it is common to bite off more than one can chew. The average cost of moving “house hold goods” alone is about $1.00/lb., and the average weight one tends to move is 12,000 lbs. That’s a $12,000 investment. Even if a company is paying for the relocation, that doesn’t always include resources like the tactful relocation counselors at ARC Relocation Connections. Seasoned HR pros know, when it comes to employee relocation, moving house hold goods is merely one element of relocation that can prove to be very challenging.

For this reason, thousands of HR pros depend on ARC Relocation Connections to lighten the burden. Voted #2 in HRO’s Bakers Dozen (top relocation company in customer satisfaction), ARC is a full-service corporate relocation company who leads the industry in customer service, technology, and is one of the very few relocation management companies that remains independent (not owned by a parent company).  This means ARC is able refer our clients to the best vendors with the best prices, without any franchise affiliations or restrictions. 

Once an HR pro chooses ARC as their relocation management company, the transferee is assigned an ARC counselor.  That counselor remains with the transferring employee from the beginning of the move, until the cusp of the process. Neither HR Pros nor transferees will ever get passed around to different ARC team members while looking for answers, because we operate under the “Single. Point. Of. Contact” model or “S.P.O.C.”.  A transferee’s dedicated counselor will become part of the family as both the HR pro and the employee, lean on him/her for for support. Whether the the client needs to know about policy benefits, or the transferee needs recommendations for the best ice cream in their new hometown, ARC has them covered!  Providing these personalized services is what makes ARC a top relocation company!

For an HR professional, a corporate moving service like ARC is can a game changer.  HR pros are often tasked with facilitating relocation services along with the multitude of other HR tasks ie. payroll, talent acquisition, healthcare initiatives etc. Having to deal with complex relocations is the last thing a busy HR professional needs to deal with. You’ve got enough on your plate already, contact us today for help with your next employee relocation!