What’s My 5%?


This powerful session will allow attendees to identify the 5% that we all possess, that makes us truly unique and delivers the service that only we can deliver! No one person or company can be truly successful without identifying and applying “their 5%!”

About James

James Craft Headshot

James Craft
Executive Coach
The Novus Project

James’ coaching expertise comes from over 20 years of experience as a non-profit executive leader. He is the founder and president of an educational non-profit organization called The Novus Project, business entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, and executive coach. James understands that every individual can get stuck in different stages or seasons of life. With a trusted and experienced guide, every person has the potential to overcome their challenges, obstacles or blind-spots and step into new areas of progress and productivity. James holds a Master’s Degree in Executive Leadership with emphasis in Team Building and Conflict Resolution.