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As a relocation company, if we have the opportunity to work with you, our Relocation Counselors at ARC will act as a “Single Point of Contact” for your relocating employees. ARC staff help your employees to navigate the relocation process by leveraging ARC’s relocation industry leading technology, experience, expertise and customer service.

Relocation Counselors at ARC are trained on client policies, preferences and tolerances. ARC’s internal mission is to “become an extension of the client” and act as the clients “relocation department”.

ARC has been a privately owned relocation company for over 16 years. ARC has been able to provide first class service throughout our time in the marketplace by, recruiting the top talent in the industry to work with your employees. We also mandate extensive in-house training. All transferee-facing service delivery positions receive structured, formalized training specific to their role. This process encompasses a comprehensive overview of every function related to transferee relocation management. Ongoing programs support continued learning and up-to-date mastery of current relocation trends. All of these controls  ensue that ARC offers the top consultants in the relocation industry.

Relocation Company With a Difference

ARC Relocation is praised one of the leading relocation companies Worldwide. Moreover, we have been the recipient of numerous industry awards and accolades. Clients highlight ARC’s: technology, customer service, experience and expertise as signature services that distinguish ARC as a premier employee relocation company.

The following has made ARC Relocation one of the leading relocation companies Worldwide, and has graced us with numerous industry awards and accolades.

  • Independence – ARC remains once of few Relocation Companies that is not owned by an industry provider. Most commonly a relocation company is owned by a moving company or real estate franchise. This independence allows ARC the unique advantage of being able to partner with industry providers solely based on price and service.
  • Technology – ARC has written proprietary technology that has been the recipient of awards and accolades.  Our clients also continuously give our tech 5 stars in our surveys. ARC’s software’s offer transparency and efficiency.
  • Customer Service – ARC has been the recipient of numerous awards and accolades for customer service. ARC is proud to have the largest social media presence in the relocation industry. Please click on: ARC’s Facebook Page to read transferee testimonials and reviews.
  • Unique Resources – ARC Relocation acts as the employee relocation provider to many of the government agencies that regulate the relocation industry.  The selection of ARC Relocation illustrates ARC’s reputation as an industry expert. Furthermore, it allows ARC to leverage many of the tax, legal and immigration resources for the benefit of corporate clients. 
  • Experience – Each year ARC relocates employees to every US State. We also service all US Territories and over 220 countries. In addition to our global reach, ARC offers the full spectrum of employee relocation services. ARC truly has the experience that our clients need from a relocation company to ensure the best service in the industry!

For more information about ARC and what makes us unique please click on:   About ARC or Why ARC

Why ARC?

Below are a few of the key reasons our clients site for selecting ARC as their relocation company and that distinguished ARC from other relocation companies:

  • Relocation Policy Development
  • Industry Leading Customer Service
  • Proprietary Technology
  • Unique Resources

To read more about ARC’s differentiators and advantages please click on: WHY ARC or click here to have an ARC representative contact you today by clicking here: CONTACT US


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Experience +


Industry Leading


Industry Leading
Customer Service

One of the ways ARC differentiates itself from other providers, is by being a relocation company that delivers our services through a Single Point of Contact. See our signature (SPOC) service delivery platform below. 

ARC’s mission is to become an extension of the client.

As such ARC assigns a Single Point of Contact to each client. This helps us to learn the client’s culture, processes and procedures. This Single Point of Contact will educate and adapt ARC to fit the client. The differentiation is that the Client’s Single Point of Contact at ARC works with the client throughout the entire life of the contract/partnership.

ARC’s Vendor Network

At ARC each relocating transferee is assigned to a Single Point of Contact Relocation Counselor. The Single Point of Contact Relocation Counselor at ARC is supported by an internal team for each service. Under this model the necessary support is provided to all parties. At the same time, communication issues are eliminated and efficiencies are improved.

  • Pre Decision
  • Departure Services
  • Destination Services
  • Expense Adminitration
  • Household Good Moving
  • Transferee Surveys
  • Tax and Legal Compliance
  • Industry Updates

Welcome to

ARC Relocation

As a global relocation company, we pride ourselves on our VIP customer service provided to both the relocating employee and the employer. ARC mandates extensive in-house employee-training program and elite performance with the industry’s top service providers. As such, ARC has raised the bar on customer satisfaction. We are happy to announce that we deliver the full breadth of government and corporate relocation services.  In doing so, ARC has been the recipient of numerous awards and is known in the relocation industry as the “best of the best!”

Our Core Relocation Company Services

We are a relocation company headquartered in Fairfax, VA USA. ARC Relocation provides the full spectrum of relocation services to numerous corporations, government agencies and individuals all over the world!

Below are some of the most common relocation services that ARC provides to our clients.

Please click on each service for more information.

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