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ARC Relocation takes the stress out of corporate relocation—for you and your employees. As a leading relocation company, we help organizations:

  • Reduce the time it takes to organize moves.
  • Cut costs and make more accurate financial estimates.
  • Build better relocation policies.
  • Attract and retain top talent.
  • Increase relocation success rates.

Our comprehensive relocation service covers everything from policy development to post-move support. Hit the button below to schedule a call.

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Relocation Made Easy

Relocation is consistently rated as one of life’s most stressful events. ARC Relocation makes the process easier for both clients and transferees. 

Over the last 16 years, we have successfully relocated thousands of employees to all 50 US states and 85 countries worldwide. We’ve worked with top government and private organizations in various industries, including DHL, the Social Security Administration, and the US Department of Agriculture.

Our relocation services are tailored to your needs. We can assist whether you want to attract recent graduates from across the country or help experienced executives move overseas, as well as anything in between. Think of our service as an extension of your organization—an external department that helps:

  • Assess your relocation needs and choose candidates likely to succeed.
  • Create effective relocation policies to attract and keep the best employees.
  • Get a great deal on employee shipping and transportation.
  • Sell and buy homes—we’ll even buy the property ourselves.
  • Help employees settle in their new location—from finding a home to learning the language.

We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer support. When you work with us, a dedicated relocation counselor acts as a single point of contact throughout your journey—guiding you in best practices and simplifying communication between the multiple parties involved in a move.

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Leading Organizations Value Our Service​

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Here’s Why We’re an Award-Winning Corporate Relocation Company

ARC Relocation is praised one of the leading relocation companies Worldwide. Moreover, we have been the recipient of numerous industry awards and accolades. Clients highlight ARC’s: technology, customer service, experience and expertise as signature services that distinguish ARC as a premier employee relocation company.

We Provide a Complete Package for Stress-Free Moves

Relocation is a complex process with many moving parts. We provide a complete package that takes care of the whole process. Stress-free relocations result in happier employees that settle faster and quickly begin to give value to your organization.

Our Flexible Service Is Tailored to Your Needs

Each organization has specific requirements. That’s why we tailor our relocation services to your exact needs. This starts from day one, when we provide an in-depth needs assessment, and continues until your employees are happily settled. As an independent company we aren’t tied to a specific real estate brokerage or shipping firm, so you’re always free to get the best deal. 

We’re a Local Company with a Global Reach

Each year our relocation services help thousands of employees move to every US state and 85 different countries. We work with immigration experts to ensure the move goes smoothly, and have people on the ground to help with everything from finding apartments to settling in. 

Our Helpful Customer Support Is Always On Hand

Relocation can be stressful for both transferees, who are making a life-changing move, and clients, who require a return on what can be a significant investment. Our relocation specialists are available to answer questions and help you through this demanding process. This dedication to our customers has led to a 98% client satisfaction rate.

We Have Access to Leading Tech, Resources, and Expertise

We provide industry-leading resources that help throughout the relocation process. Policy benchmarking helps you create a better document than others in your industry. Our proprietary technology makes choosing suitable real estate partners easy. We even provide specific expertise that can help with tax, legal, and immigration issues.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It; Employees Love ARC

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ARC’s Vendor Network

  • We provide a representative who acts as a single point of contact, ensuring your questions are answered fast.
  • Benchmarking services help you create competitive relocation policies aligned with those in your industry.
  • You save money through services like Buyer Value Options and accurate cost forecasts. 
  • A better relocation process results in happier transferees who settle into their new roles quicker.
  • Our contact guides the transferee through all parts of the relocation process.
  • Partnerships with top real estate brokerages in each region ensure transferees have access to the best realtors wherever they go.
  • Guaranteed home buyouts take the stress out of selling a home. Affinity rebates are an extra cash bonus on top.
  • Destination services help transferees settle into their new home faster, no matter where in the world they are located. 

Relocation with a Personal Touch

  • 98% client satisfaction.
  • Expert advisors are dedicated to making your moves a success.
  • Independent company—our only commitment is to our customers.
  • Over 1,000 moves every year to 85 plus companies and all 50 states.

We’ll Assess Your Needs and Provide a Quote

A Truly Independent Relocation Company

ARC Relocation is an independent company founded by relocation specialists. Why does this matter? Because it means our only commitment is to our customers.

Other relocation companies are often owned by realtors or removal companies, tying you into working with specific providers. Our independence allows us to provide you with the experience that best suits your needs, regardless of outside influence.

We are free to partner with experts in all the locations where we offer services, giving you complete flexibility over your move. 

  • We have no affiliation with a particular real estate brokerage network. We only partner with the top firms in each region and clients aren’t tied to a single provider.
  • Our database ranks agents based on transferee feedback and performance. Employees can choose the option that best suits their needs.
  • We run an affinity rebate program that gives a cash lump sum to transferees who choose to sell their home via a partner agent.
  • Clients choose their shipping company based on price and service. Our ARCmoves online bidding platform shows clients quotes from various movers, making choosing the right one a breeze. 

Relocation with a Personal Touch​

Relocation Policy Benchmarking

Our benchmarking service helps clients shape competitive relocation policies. As a top relocation company, we can access hundreds of example policies across most industries. We provide data on best practices, relevant rules and regulations, relocation benefits, average costs, average time metrics, and standard policy exceptions.


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Selling and Buying a Home

We are not tied to a specific real estate brokerage network, which means we can partner with the top businesses in all regions we operate in. We keep a database of over 80,000 real estate agents ranked based on performance, so clients can easily choose an agent that suits their individual needs.


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Relocation Cost Estimate

Relocating an employee is expensive. We help clients make informed strategic decisions by providing estimates based on the cost associated with transferring a potential candidate. We also encourage clients to provide pre-decision counseling to employees, reducing the chance of costly cancellations.


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Buyer Value Option (BVO)

Buyer Value Option is a way to reduce employee relocation expenses by making home selling costs tax-deductible. The moving employee finds a buyer for their home and agrees to a deal. The relocation company (us) then buys the property and sells it on as discussed. We pay all the fees then invoice the employee’s company, which can mark it down as a business expense.


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Guaranteed Buyout (GBO)

Guaranteed Buyout is when the relocation service offers to purchase the home directly from the transferring employee. This means they don’t have to find a buyer, thus streamlining the relocation process. We pay fair market value as judged by outside appraisals. We then find a buyer and sell the home on.


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Affinity Rebate Program

We offer an Affinity Rebate of up to $3,000 on every home sale and purchase in states where we are legally allowed to do so. This cash rebate is paid to employees within one week of closing on residential property when the sale comes through a partner. The size of the rebate depends on the sale value.


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Shipment of Household Goods / Move Management Relocation

We help clients find the best shipping solution. As we are not owned by a moving company, we can send clients to movers based solely on the price they offer and their reputation. Our award-winning software lets movers bid on relocations, making it easy for clients to get the best price and service. 


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Corporate Relocation

We have a database of temporary housing providers clients can use to provide short or medium-term accommodation for transferees. Our relocation counselors perform a needs analysis with the transferee and recommend housing companies based on needs, budget, and policy provisions. 


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International Relocation Services

We assist with relocations to 85 countries. Our counselors carry out in-depth consultations to assess client requirements. We help with everything from picking global relocation candidates to adhering to local laws, regulations, and customs rules. As a leading employee relocation company, we support approximately 1,600 moves annually.


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Relocation Company FAQ: All You Need to Know

Why Do I Need a Relocation Company?

A relocation company helps you create effective processes without the need to hire dedicated specialists. If your organization processes just one or two moves a year, you may get by without an employee relocation company. However, the more moves you organize, the more you will benefit from one.

Why Choose ARC Over Other Relocation Companies?

Our clients are typically impressed with our leading customer service, which we can provide due to the single point of contact system we use. This means each client and employee has one representative who helps them through the relocation process. We are also an independent business built by relocation experts. We always provide the service that best fits our client’s needs, whereas other companies are often built as a way to drive business to real estate brokerages or shipping firms.

How Much Does a Relocation Services Company Cost?

Our service is tailored towards each client’s needs, so costs vary. Schedule a chat to discuss your requirements further.

What Benefits Do Relocation Services Bring?

Relocation services can:

  • Reduce the costs associated with relocating employees.
  • Provide better experiences, which can lead to employees settling in their new location faster.
  • Attract better talent by creating relocation policies that are in line with others in your industry.
  • Reduce the amount of time it takes to move an employee.

What Type of Organizations Do You Work With?

We work with clients in a variety of industries, including both for-profit and governmental organizations. Our offices are located in Virginia and Puerto Rico, but we help companies nationwide. 

The main shared goal that ties the organizations we work with together is that they all want to provide the best possible employee relocation experience.