Independent of Other Relocation Companies

What sets ARC apart from other relocation companies, is the fact that we are independent and not owned by a parent company. Most commonly a relocation company is owned by a real estate brokerage or moving company. This means we can use the best providers in any location, without restrictions. For more details, contact an ARC representative.

independent ownership

Choice + Competition

We are an independent RMC.  Therefore, we can select from the best service providers in every location without  restrictions.  To ensure the best pricing and services, ARC requires service presentations and price quotes from multiple providers for each relocation. Please contact an ARC representative for more information.

Relocation Company With Experience + Expertise

ARC has worked in all 50 United States and in 85 different countries .  These practices fuel our reputation as an industry leader in domestic and global relocation management. We have performed the full spectrum of relocation services for Fortune 100 companies and Federal Agencies. As the relocation company for many of the agencies that regulate the relocation industry, we strive on best practices.  Moreover, this culture informs us of the latest developments in domestic and international tax, international customs laws, rules and regulations and more! Additionally, ARC is often featured as a speaker and guest of honor at many industry conventions and conferences.  We are frequently asked to consult on the latest in industry challenges and trends.  To learn more about how ARC can be a resource call ARC today!

Service Providers
Service Providers

Single Point of Contact Service Delivery Model

One element that separates ARC from other RMC’s is our Single Point of Contact (SPOC) service delivery platform.


ARC’s mission is to become an extension of the client.

For this reason,  ARC assigns a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) to each client to learn the client’s culture, processes and procedures. This Single Point of Contact will educate and adapt ARC to fit the client. Fundamentally, the benefit is that the client’s single point of contact at ARC works with the client starting in the sales cycle and continues throughout the entire length of the contract/partnership.

Clients Perspective Diagram


Remember, we will assign you your exclusive single point of contact relocation counselor. The strength of your single point of contact relocation counselor at ARC comes from the support of an internal team for each service.  This model ensures that ample support is provided to all parties involved.  Resolutely, we eliminate communication issues and improve efficiencies. 

Transferee Perspective Diagram

Leader in Technology Among Relocation Companies

ARC is a relocation company at the forefront of technology.  So much so that we have written several proprietary software platforms that have revolutionized how clients receive: information, pricing, invoices, and more! Click here to learn more about our ARC Portal.  Also, our online multi-user programs offer transparency and efficiency. Click here to access our exclusive client facing program.  Furthermore, many of the software platforms written by ARC have received multiple industry awards and accolades. Relocation companies don’t tend to receive awards for technology, but we are changing that.  Please contact an ARC Representative for a demo and more details on how ARC’s technology can help the efficiency of your relocation process!


Industry Leading Customer Service

We are at the top of the industry with a 98% customer satisfaction rating. Our commitment to transferee customer service can be seen on our public Facebook page where we have thousands of “likes”. As such, you can view our extremely high customer service rating and hundreds of testimonials from actual transferees all over the world.

ARC has received numerous industry customer service awards and accolades including but not limited to; HRO Today Baker’s Dozen Top 13 Relocation Companies, FEM’s EMMA award for Relocation Vendor Partner of the Year, and is ranked by Duns and Bradstreet in the top 5% of the relocation industry for customer satisfaction just to name a few. Please contact ARC today to learn how ARC can offer you the highest level of customer service.

Dun & Bradstreet Ratings
Bakers Dozen Award Winner 2019
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