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7 Steps to a Successful Headquarters Relocation

Your company might be going through headquarters relocation for a few different reasons: Your company is doing really well and is expanding to a new office Your company is not doing well, and relocation might be the best option to help it grow.  There is a new geographic opportunity in a completely new region The […]

What is Adverse Impact? [Equal Opportunity Employment Guide]

Adverse impact is when a certain protected class of people are discriminated against due to biased and unfair hiring practices. As someone who has been involved in the business of employing people for years, I’ve seen it happen firsthand.  Understanding adverse impact can help you create equal opportunities for everyone while also ensuring you stay […]

How to Welcome a New Employee

Knowing how to welcome a new employee is essential for being a business owner or HR manager. Many new hires are nervous when starting at a new job, especially if they have had bad experiences with feeling welcome by previous employers. Some new employees might already have experience with the job but had to relocate […]

Employee Repatriation Benefits [2022 Repatriation Assistance Guide]

While relocating employees to a different country is challenging, it becomes even more difficult when preparing for the employee to return home. Offering repatriation benefits to your returning employees can benefit both your employees and their families. Repatriation assistance should be a necessity when adding benefits to a relocation package.   What Are Repatriation Benefits? Repatriation […]

What is a Tax Gross Up Relocation? [The 2022 Guide]

Understanding relocation and relocation gross-ups can be confusing. After reading this, you should have a much better understanding of relocation, tax gross-ups for relocation, and the methods to use to determine the gross-up. How Relocation Taxes Work Tax rates depend on many elements, like your location, your salary, your filing status, and a few other […]

How to Write an Employee Relocation Letter in 2022 (plus Templates)

Communicating with your employees is key to having a successful company, especially when going through transitions like relocating. Using an employee relocation letter is an effective way to inform your employees about your company’s decision to relocate employees because of promotions, downsizing, or for general relocation. What is an Employee Relocation Letter?  An employee relocation […]

Should You Offer Employees a Hardship Allowance?

Your company might call it a mobility allowance, hardship premium, or hardship allowance. The name might be different, but the reasoning for offering an allowance to employees in transition is the same. This article will walk you through what is considered a hardship allowance, why you should offer one, and the difference between a hardship […]

Shipping Household Goods

One of the competitive advantages of shipping your house hold goods with ARC is the fact that ARC is 100% independent.  ARC is not owned by an industry provider as a way to receive more business. Most commonly relocation management companies are owned by moving companies. As a result, ARC is able to send to […]