Employee Relocation Links

ARC Relocation has compiled a list of very helpful employee relocation links .

ARC has come across these sites through relocation work or through referrals from our past customers.

These links are merely being provided as assistance. ARC does not endorse or guarantee any of the websites or companies. ARC always encourages you to check multiple sources and references before doing business with any company.


Research the Laws of Relocation

Census and Community Information

Frequently Asked Tax & Legal Questions

Customs Guide to over 170 Countries

Daily Best Bank Rates

  • Bank Rate – Before you choose your lender make sure you’re getting the best rate.

Home Values

Home Affordability Calculator

Information on Your New Destination

High-tech employee relocation link: View satellite images of your new neighborhood

Cost of Living Calculator

  • CNN Money – How far will your salary go in your new location?
Real Estate Resources
Helpful Tips on Moving Boxes

Protect your credit

  • Privacy Guard – During relocation your credit is shared with multiple parties and identity theft is always a concern! If your credit and identity are not being monitored/protected the info on found through this employee relocation link will be a great solution.

Free Home Inspector Search

How Much Does Moving Cost?

Protect Your Move

ASPCA Guide to Moving With Your Pets

Preparing Your Child For A Move

Guide to Moving for the Disabled