Temporary Housing

ARC’s temporary housing network spans the globe.

No One Provider Covers Every Area!
Specifically ARC populates our database with Temporary Housing Providers who have “bricks and mortar” presence in the area. This improves communication efficiencies as well as pricing. Additionally ARC’s providers are held to the highest industry standards for vetting and service delivery.

Our Methodology
Based on the individual needs of the transferee, ARC contacts multiple suitable temporary living providers and requests property information and rate quotes.
Each unit is turn key and booked to create a temporary home tailored for the specific transferee and their family.


  • Relocation counselor performs needs analysis with transferee
  • Destination area information is emailed to transferee
  • Temporary housing companies are recommended/selected based on competitive bids, needs analysis, budget, and policy provisions
  • Relocation counselor follows up with transferee to ensure satisfaction


  • Quality control with vetted providers
  • Individual needs met with choices of housing type, location, pricing, and amenities
  • Productive employee focused on new job responsibilities

For more information on temporary housing, please contact us.