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How to Write an Employee
Relocation Letter in 2023

plus Templates

Communicating with your employees is key to having a successful company, especially when going through transitions like relocating. Using an employee relocation letter is an effective way to inform your employees about your company’s decision to relocate employees because of promotions, downsizing, or for general relocation.

What is an Employee Relocation Letter?

An employee relocation agreement letter is a document that business owners or HR managers send to an employee to request their transition to a new company location. These letters are often used when an office is being moved, when a company wants to move an employee to a different branch, or when employees get promoted.

What’s the best way to write an employee relocation letter?

It is helpful to follow these steps when writing a request to relocate letter to be professional and effective.

1. Provide a Reason

The relocation letter to your employee should highlight the exact reason you are requesting that they move to a new location. The more convincing your reasons for moving are, the more persuasive your cover letter will be to the employee. It is essential for your employee to feel motivated about moving to a new location and to have positive feelings toward your company.

2. How Long is the Move?

When you are writing the relocating letter, be sure to emphasize if the move is “permanent” or “temporary”. This is important so the employee is not misled about the move in any way. You need to make sure your employee is aware that the move is permanent and they are relocating to a new state so they do not think they are only moving for a year to the new state. This is a respectful and professional way to let your employee know they are so good at their job, that you need them in a different location.

3. Discuss Changes

You should be sure to discuss any changes in your employee’s position or any potential bonuses that come along with relocating. Make sure to mention subjects such as pay raises, company accommodations, if they are being promoted, or if they will be receiving a bonus for relocating, and relocation strategies. Discuss any other important changes the employee should be aware of before they relocate. 

4. Discuss Costs

It is important to list in your employee relocation letter any costs your company will cover and costs your company will not cover. For instance, your company might cover the costs of a moving company to assist with your move, but you might not cover the cost of temporary housing if it is needed. This could be a large part of your employee’s decision to relocate and your employee should be aware of what your company is providing for their relocation and if your company will be providing a relocation specialist to assist with their move.

5. Assure Them Everything is Fine

At the end of your employee relocation letter, be sure to assure them that everything will be fine. Assure them that you will be there if they have any questions or concerns regarding their relocation and that you can help them create a relocation checklist. This is a good way to help reassure your employee that your company is there to support them through this transition. 

Sample relocation cover
letters for employees

To download the templates:

Click on an image or link below, then select “FILE” > “MAKE A COPY”. Once you’ve done that you can edit the letter templates however you like.

Template For Promotion

Template For General Relocation

Template For Downsizing/Layoffs

Final Thoughts

Employee relocation letters are ideal when informing your employees of relocation. If you are struggling to get your employees on board with a relocation, having a relocation company may help them feel more confident about the move. ARC Relocation specializes in business and corporate relocation. We’re only a phone call or message away. Schedule a consultation today!

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