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What Is a Relocation Specialist? [How Experts Help in 2024]

When making a large move, there are many reasons why hiring a relocation specialist helps make that move easier. The process of relocating a large number of employees (or even an entire office relocation) can be a tall task for any HR department. Having a dedicated relocation specialist will help make the process run smoother for your employees.

Here we will get to understand more about what a relocation specialist is, the services they provide, the costs of relocation, and how to work with a relocation specialist.

What is a Relocation Specialist? 

Relocation specialists handle all of the details that will make it easier for you to transition to a new environment. Relocation specialists help you sell your homes, purchase new properties in your ideal area, and help set you up with professional movers and packers. We are able to help you with visa processes if necessary, and generally will help relieve you of stress during the process of moving.

What is the Average Cost of Relocation Specialist Services?

The cost involved will vary depending on how many employees you are relocating, how far and how many belongings they have. Sometimes relocation real estate specialists get paid by referral fees from moving companies or the vendors they work with, instead of directly charging you.

Relocation Services Provided 

Selling homes – Relocation specialists will handle the process of working with your employees to ensure their home sells quickly and for the right price. 

Choosing a moving company – We refer many of our clients to moving companies. Having the right moving company will make a huge difference in the overall effectiveness of the relocation. Best of all, hiring a relocation consultant ensures you don’t have to bother with finding and managing the move at all. 

Packing – Hiring the right moving company will ensure that your employees have help packing and moving everything. The worst thing about relocating employees is ripping them from their roots. Having the right crew to help can make the process a bit easier. 

Immigration and Visas – If you are moving internationally, we can assist in making sure you and your employees are legal for entry to another country and all paperwork is properly completed. The visa process can be complicated, so it is our job to make sure you don’t have to worry about the added stress of lengthy paperwork.

Shipping pets – Relocation specialists can assist in helping your employees bring their pets along on their moving journey. Especially if you’re relocating internationally, it is extra important to help get their pets across the border and ensure the pets are well taken care of.

Shipping vehicles – Relocation specialists will be able to help with this process whether it is within the country or globally. 

Looking for service providers – It is important for you to find new doctors, dentists, legal professionals, or even babysitters. We will have referrals for all of these types of things and be able to connect you in a timely manner.

Closing on a house – Since closing processes are different depending on the state or country, we can help your team with the process. 

How to Work with a Relocation Specialist

It is best to get in touch with a relocation specialist at the beginning of the moving process. The longer the moving specialist has to plan, the easier the move will be. This will ensure that your move runs as smoothly as possible and nothing goes wrong. We will make sure to handle any obstacles that may get in the way and prevent them from happening.

The first step will be to schedule a free call with us so we can begin to learn about your goals and objectives. Then, we will have a detailed conversation about what needs to be handled on both ends. Throughout the whole moving process, we should keep in touch with you and keep you updated every step of the way.

ARC Relocation has helpful packages to meet your every need for moving. They are flexible and have the technology needed to ensure that your moving process runs smoothly.

Final Thoughts 

If considering relocating, or even moving in the future and need a team of relocation specialists to assist with real estate relocation services, contact ARC Relocation to further assist with making the big move a simple one.

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