Example Relocation Policy and Policy Benchmarking

One of the unique advantages that ARC relocation offers to clients is relocation policy bench marking from hundreds of example policies across virtually every industry. ARC hosts and attends, industry conferences and sessions to bring our clients the latest updates and industry best practices. We also provide relocation services to many of the government agencies that regulate real estate, tax and international moves.  Accordingly,  ARC has become a certified expert on the rules and regulations and how they must apply to policy.

Our team has data that we share with clients on the most common relocation benefits offered.  For this reason, policies are grouped by industry, relocation type and by employee level. Our clients can also view reports on average costs, average time metrics and the most common relocation policy exceptions. To be sent a copy of this information please CONTACT ARC today!

To view example relocation policies please view below. 

Global Corporate Relocation

Why do companies have
a written relocation policy?

The top five reasons that companies have a written relocation policy are:

Why do companies have a written relocation policy?


Having a written policy will document the company’s program and will act as evidence of policy to document and protect the company in the event of law suits.

Set expectations

Having a written relocation policy sets expectations for the employee and clarifies what benefits the company is and is not offering. Setting clear expectations greatly reduces the likelihood that the relocation will fail.

Stream lines the process

Having a written relocation policy streamlines the process by providing employees and providers written guidelines to follow and adhere to when relocating.

Control costs

Having a written policy of which services and benefits are covered by the company and which or not controls costs for the employee, employer and various service providers.

Recruitment / Retention

Having written relocation policies aids companies in recruitment and retention efforts by clearly to conveying to talent the benefits the company offers.

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Relocation Policy Development

Relocation Policy Development

Below are a questions that we ask the client to identify when creating a relocation policy:

  • What is the company’s budget?
  • What is the intention of the relocation program?
  • How will you measure “success” with your relocation program?
  • When was the last time you reviewed your relocation policy?
  • When was the las time you were provided relocation policy benchmarking, average relocation costs, trending analysis on policy exceptions?
  • What are your current relocation program issues?


Please contact ARC today to receive:

  • Policy Development
  • Industry Benchmarking
  • Policy Review
  • Trend Analysis

Example Relocation Policies

An example relocation policy is a popular request we receive at ARC Relocation. So, we decided to publish example policies as a resource on our site for all HR Professionals to benefit.

ARC has the unique advantage of serving both the US Government and corporations all of the world, and across virtually every industry.  This provides us with a large relocation policy library. All of our tools ensure that we provide the best relocation policy benchmarking. 

Below are examples of what a relocation policy can and should look like for various relocation situations and employee levels.

We hope that these policies are helpful. Please note that relocation policies should fit the company’s budget and directive. The below are meant as a guide. It is important to identify the company’s concerns, needs, goals and requirements and build a policy to adopt industry best practices around those criteria.

Benefit New Hire Mid Level Upper Level C Suite Executive
shipment of goods icon Shipment of Goods Yes 5,000 lbs Yes 7,500 lbs Yes 12,000 lbs Yes 20,000 lbs
car shipment icon Car Shipment No Yes 1 car Yes 2 cars Yes 3 cars
home sale icon Home Sale / Lease Break No Lease break
2 months
Cap $3,000
Lease Break
2 months
Cap $6,000
Home Sale
Up to 8%
Sale Cap $500,000
Lease Break
2 months
Cap $10,000
Home Sale
BVO Program
Cap $1,000,000
home search icon Home Find Trip No Yes
Cap 5 day
Cap 1 week
Cap 10 days
temp housing icon Temp Housing No Yes 30 days Yes 60 days Yes 90 days
rental assistance icon Rental Assistant / Home Purchase No Yes 1 day/
Yes 2 days
Yes Cap 2% $500,000
Yes 5 days/
Yes Direct Bill all “normal and
customary” up to $1,000,000
lump sum icon Misc Lum Sum Yes $2,000 Yes $3,000 Yes $5,000 Yes $7,500
final trip icon Final Trip Yes (cap $1,500) Yes (Cap $3,000) Yes Direct Reimbursement Full Costs Yes Direct Reimbursement Full Costs
tax assistance icon Tax Assistance (Gross-Up) No Partial Yes Yes
Relocation Policy Comparison Grid

For questions and more information please contact ARC Relocation today.