Guaranteed Home Buyout Option (GBO)


ARC Relocation Guaranteed Home Buyout Option

ARC offers our clients competitive advantages over other relocation management companies when providing Guaranteed Home Buyout services.

However, let’s first answer the questions: “what is a home buyout program” and “how does it work”? A “GBO” is a unique service that we offer our clients. When a transferee lists their home, ARC will buy it from them directly. Therefore, ensuring that they get to their new destination quickly. Afterward, ARC will resell the home and provide the client with the closing disclosure. Resolutely, the client doesn’t have to deal with reimbursing the transferee for any fees accrued during the listing and selling process, and the transferee doesn’t have to be stressed with the home sale process.

Most importantly, ARC’s independence and lack of franchise affiliations allow us to list homes with the best real estate brokerages. This results in quick and top dollar resale of all homes in the guaranteed home buyout program. Moreover, ARC offers clients the best in software and technology to track the process.

ARC uses its expertise to advise clients on best practices while following all of the IRS and ERC guidelines for relocation home sale programs.  Click here to learn more about IRS regulations. Also, we are a guaranteed home buyout vendor for the United States Government under GSA schedule 653-1. Being on schedule 653-1 means our process, technical capabilities and experience have all been screened and approved by the GSA. ARC provides guaranteed home buyout and home sale services for many of the agencies who regulate these services.  As a result, our experience, technology and clientele, place us at the forefront of the industry.

For more information about GBO or any other of our services, please contact us.