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At ARC, we realize that the two main commodities that we sell are our knowledge and customer service. At the same time we realize that each transferee has different needs and resources that are most effective for them. As such, the first and most important step at ARC during the relocation policy counseling is to listen. The ARC Relocation Counselor will conduct an in-depth needs analysis with the transferee and the family to understand all of the relevant factors involved to provide the necessary destination services. 

Area Familiarization

Focused on the practical, cultural and emotional skills essential for settling into a new location. Each family will receive resources and information tailored to suit the personal needs and interests of the family. Prior to the arrival, a needs analysis will be conducted and based upon results, an itinerary is designed to utilize the employee’s time effectively, and address questions, personal needs and priorities. 

This may include but is not limited to the following: 

  • Background information on the Country – to help participants understand their new home. Areas covered include the history and laws of the country, as well as details on banking, shopping, media and telecommunications, transportation, medical facilities and personal safety.
  • Housing Area or Residence – if a housing area or residence has already been selected, an orientation to the neighborhood is conducted; identifying and, if requested, visiting a nearby supermarket, post office, health clinic, and public transport points.
  • Markets and Groceries – Participants are advised about products essential for living in the host country. A visit to a local market may be included, where unusual foodstuffs, tropical fruits and vegetables are introduced.
  • Hospital/Medical – Assignees may wish to visit an Accident and Emergency department in a hospital, so that they feel more secure to cope should the need arise. Procedures are discussed and information given about the hospital and its facilities.
  • Local Parks and Recreational Facilities – Locations of local parks for children, insider knowledge such as the best places to buy goods at reasonable prices. As locals, we will share information about places many people will not find on their own which will help them to assimilate to different cultures. The program, upon request, may cover a tour of ethnic and historical areas.

Home Finding Assistance

ARC equally focuses on buyers and renters. Both are given all of the tools, attention and resources they need to find the perfect home in their new location regardless of whether they choose to purchase or rent.

The Destination Program is a key component in the relocation process especially when your employees are moving to an unfamiliar area. ARC minimizes the difficulty for the transferring employee by providing the counseling, tools, resources, and services necessary for transferees and their families to make informed decisions to assist them in achieving a smooth, well-managed rental/purchase with minimum stress.

Utilizing the detailed destination needs analysis, the Relocation Counselor will find the best real estate agent to assist your transferee with all of their destination needs. Every transferee is given an “area orientation tour” in conjunction with their new home search. The area orientation tour is a valuable tool that has multiple applications as part of a relocation program. It can help familiarize the employee with the new area and understand the differences between various locations and neighborhoods in the new area.

A custom destination folder can be sent with information on the transferee’s destination with general area information, transportation, recreation, education, maps, etc.

Housing Search

Transferees are also sent branded materials with ARC’s contact information such as a mouse pad, luggage tags, and a pen. We realize that our clients’ transferee’s may already have some of these items, but they are meant to keep ARC and their Relocation Counselor’s contact information handy while on a home finding trip! This is done in an effort to ensure your transferees can reach us any time they need to… we are here for them 24/7/365!

Lease Negotiation

Renters encompass a large portion of relocation volume and ARC has put in place all of the programs and resources to service all of the needs of transferees who chose to rent at destination. Depending on the transferee’s unique criteria for home finding, a leasing agent or rental provider will assist them in locating an apartment, condominium, town home, duplex or single family home that fits their needs. This agent will have a solid depth of knowledge of a variety of developments and areas, and will be able to present a variety of available properties to the transferee. ARC’s Relocation Counselor will follow up to make sure the transferee’s needs are being met. We will also review the lease to make sure the necessary relocation provisions and verbiage is included in case of a future company-sponsored relocation.

Key features of ARC’s Customized Leasing / Rental Services:

  • Consistency – ARC establishes strict standards and monitors performance, ensuring transferees and their families receive quality services that are consistently delivered.
  • Personalized Needs Assessment – ARC counselors recognize that moving to a new area involves much more than buying a house. At the beginning of the process, the counselor conducts an in-depth needs analysis with the family to understand all of the relevant factors involved. Valuing the Transferee’s time, the Home finding search is narrowed to a community and specific homes matching the family’s special needs, priorities and lifestyle.
  • Relocation Guide to New Community – Before moving to the new area, each family receives comprehensive information covering community profiles, housing, education, taxes, hospitals, recreation, transportation and more.
  • Customized Research – To meet the individual needs of families, our counselors will conduct special research to find resources that meet the family’s needs. These may include special education programs, child and elder care resources, special medical programs, etc.
  • Realtor/Sales Associate Selection – As the Relocation Counselor remains an active resource throughout the move, he works with carefully selected real estate sales associates who will conduct area tours, show properties, and help the family find the best home. The Relocation Counselor and the selected Realtors work as a team to help meet the family’s needs. The Realtors are selected based upon their knowledge, training, capabilities and relocation experience and past performance. 

School Assistance

ARC understands the priority of relocating families in regard to ensuring that the children are placed in appropriate schooling as soon as possible.

ARC’s Relocation Counselor will facilitate the completion of a needs assessment questionnaire which includes the transferee’s schooling requirements. Following receipt of this form, a suitable regional consultant is assigned to manage the school search process based on the client’s requirements and circumstances.

The Consultant then undertakes the following pre-work and research:

  • Comprehensive verbal needs analysis includes discussion of schooling types, options & priorities to devise mutually agreed strategy for the school search.
  • Address pre-move queries.
  • Comprehensive research of schooling options in-line with the employee’s specific requirements.
  • Contacts selected schools to organize and confirm appointments.
  • Prepare detailed itinerary including addresses, map references, times and descriptions for all stakeholders.
  • Provides transportation and accompanies the transferee to all scheduled appointments.
  • Discusses schooling options and comparisons.
  • Advise and assist in providing any or all documentation to satisfy the education system.
  • Assist with & confirm enrollment into the school system.
School Assistance

Settling In Services

Through ARC’s network of on the ground destination partners, ARC can assist in coordinating a wide range of settling in services to the employee and their families. Services include but are not limited to: 

  • Airport Pick up – obtain travel arrangements and coordinate as needed
  • Neighborhood familiarization – once a neighborhood has been identified, accompany assignee/spouse on a community orientation, including emergency facilities, shopping,parks, churches, etc.
  • Temporary Housing – coordinate temporary housing as needed and allowed by corporation.
  • Temporary Furniture – coordinate temporary furniture as needed, accept delivery and have everything ready for the arrival
  • Welcome Basket – delivery of essentials for arrival in temporary housing or permanent housing with rental furniture.
  • Utility hook-ups – arrange for telephone, cable, internet, electricity, gas, water, etc.
  • Obtaining local documentation – assist in completing the necessary forms/documents and accompany the assignee/spouse to the appropriate offices.
  • Opening Bank Accounts/Bill Payment – accompany assignee/spouse to their choice of financial institutions to assist with opening of bank account(s). Explain the bill payment process and options, online banking, payment by check, etc. as customary in each location.
  • Obtaining driver’s license – provide driving manual or studying materials as applicable, make the necessary appointments, review process and accompany assignee/spouse to the motor vehicle office.
  • Vehicle insurance – provide a list of insurance companies and guide through process as needed.
  • Health care system – review the list of healthcare preferred providers based on company insurance plan; assist in locating offices close to property and talk though the normal healthcare system.
  • Spouse activities – research volunteer opportunities, international/expatriate organizations, university classes, etc. as requested by spouse.
  • Leisure activities including club memberships – research and provide information regarding country clubs membership, theater, community organizations, etc. as requested.
  • Discussion of security issues – general orientation of safety in the area, provide appropriate emergency numbers and go over typical do’s and don’ts.

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