ARC Beats The Berkshire Hathaway PenFed Rebate Program

If you want to buy or sell a home, you may have heard of the Berkshire Hathaway PenFed Realty Program and the ARC Realtor Rebate Program. 

Both of these programs benefit homebuyers but the ARC Realtor Rebate offers more money, faster turnarounds, and a larger real estate network for you to choose from. Check out the chart below to learn more. 


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The Benefits of the ARC Realtor Rebate Program

The ARC Realtor Rebate Program offers home buyers and sellers a cash rebate. The rebate is a percentage of the home’s sale price and is paid directly to the client after closing. ARC’s program is designed to help offset some of the costs associated with moving, including selling a current home and purchasing a new one.

Higher Rebates vs PenFed Realty 

The rebate amount varies depending on the home’s sale price. Generally, the rebates can range from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. Keep in mind that we’ll match any rebate you get from another company so this chart is just a benchmark to give you an idea. 

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Quick and Easy Sign Up, Fast Turnaround

To be eligible for the ARC Rebate Program, you must work with a real estate agent affiliated with the ARC Relocation network. They will guide you through buying or selling a home and work with ARC to help you get the rebate. Above and beyond that, however, It is easy to sign up for the ARC Rebate Program, by submitting some very basic contact information. 

Understanding the Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices Penfed Realty Program

The PenFed Realty Program is a real estate brokerage firm that offers services to buyers and sellers. It is part of the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices network, one of the world’s largest real estate brokerage networks.

PenFed Realty offers many services, including home buying and selling, mortgage services, and property management. They also provide a network of experienced agents who can help clients with all aspects of the real estate transaction.

How to Sign Up for the PenFed Realty Program

To sign up for the PenFed Realty Program, visit their website. Fill out the form with your contact information, and a PenFed Realty representative will contact you to discuss your options.

Rebates for the PenFed Realty Program

The PenFed Realty Program does not offer cash rebates to clients. Instead, they offer competitive commission rates to their agents, which can help clients save money on their real estate transactions.

ARC Realtor Rebate Program vs PenFed Realty Program

The ARC Realtor Rebate Program and the PenFed Realty Program offer different benefits to clients. 

The program offers a cash rebate to home buyers and sellers, whether for work relocation, military relocation, or moving for personal reasons. The PenFed Realty Program provides competitive commission rates to their agents.

Cons of the PenFed Realty Program

  • They do not offer rebates to clients
  • Limit you to Berkshire Hathaway brands
  • Longer turnaround times

Pros of the ARC Realtor Rebate Program

  • Cash rebates with no cap, rebate increases as sale price increases
  • Faster turnarounds in as little as two days
  • We’ll match any rebate
  • ARC has an open realtor network which increases your options
  • Available in all 50 states


Both the ARC Realtor Rebate Program and the PenFed Realty Program benefit clients and agents alike. The ARC Realtor Rebate Program provides a cash rebate to clients, while the PenFed Realty Program offers its agents a wide range of services, they don’t offer rebates. 

Clients should consider their individual needs and preferences when choosing between these programs. With generous cash rebate amounts, the ARC Rebate Program is an excellent choice for anyone buying or selling a home or relocating for work looking to save money. 

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