Military Relocation Professionals [What You Need in 2022]

Relocating is stressful, but it can be even more overwhelming as a military member. Military members and their families who need to relocate can benefit from using a military relocation professional to assist with their move. 

Military relocation professionals better understand the needs and timelines of those in the military, making them the best kind of realtors to use for military families.

What is a Military Relocation Professional

A military relocation professional is a certified real estate professional who works with current and prior military service members to find the best housing solutions to suit their needs. Essentially, they are specialized military real estate agents. 

They can help military members help find homes at a new base and help you figure out the world of military real estate. Military relocation specialists are uniquely trained and certified in the military home search process, which is why they are best to use when relocating to the military. 

Benefits of Using a Military Relocation Professional 

There are many benefits of using military relocation specialists. Here are some of the most valuable:

Can Answer Questions Specific to the Military

Military members looking for real estate help will ask different questions than civilians looking to move. Luckily, military relocation professionals can answer military-specific questions regarding relocation. For example, a military relocation professional can answer questions like:

They can help explain that with a partial-DITY move, the military can reimburse you up to 95 percent of the costs associated with moving until you reach the weight limit. For relocation during a PCS, you can get a dislocation allowance to reimburse some costs.

Can Help With Additional Paperwork

Military relocation involves a lot of additional paperwork due to specific rules regarding weight, items you can and cannot bring, reimbursement, and more. Military relocation requires many more regulations than typical civilian relocation, where a military relocation professional can come in handy. 

ATF Form 6

If you, as a military member, need to import ammo, firearms, or other weapons into the United States, you must fill out this form. Once the form is completed, it must be submitted to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

PPM Submission Checklist

A Personally Procured Move (PPM) checklist will help you ensure you have all the required documentation to submit to the personal property office before getting into the logistics of your move.

SF1038 Advance of Funds Application

If you need funds to help with a portion of your move, you must complete this form and deliver it to the finance office before you relocate. 

DD1351-2 Travel Voucher

This travel voucher must be completed to receive reimbursement for expenses related to your military relocation. Once completed, you will need to deliver this form to the finance office. 

There are virtual forms for some installations to help make this process easier. However, you might still need the help of your military relocation professional to ensure everything is completed correctly.

In-Depth Knowledge of Military Moves

Having a military relocation specialist designation can help you in many ways since they better understand military processes and concerns involved with moving. 

Many military relocation specialists have this in-depth knowledge due to direct experience or research. They can actively explain the military market, broker’s market analysis, military relocation, VA financing for active duty vets, and more.

Have Extensive Knowledge of the Military Market

Unlike civilian real estate, you cannot just visit open houses whenever you feel like a military move. Frequently, military moves happen across the county, and you may need to be placed in temporary housing. 

A military relocation professional can be helpful in this situation, as you need someone who has a lot of knowledge about what is available in the area. They can quickly match your and your family’s needs to what is currently available on the market.

They Understand Military Terms

Many realtors without military knowledge are not helpful regarding military acronyms and phrases. A military relocation professional will understand terms like BAH (basic housing allowance), LED (leave and earnings statement), and DLA (dislocation allowance). 

Having a realtor who understands these military terms is essential for you to be informed appropriately.

Military Relocation Professional Designation Vs. Certification

You may have noticed that there are military relocation professional designations and certifications. While there is a slight difference between the two, both will get you where you need to be. A military relocation professional designation takes more time and money for the specialist to reach that point. 

It is almost like having a master’s degree instead of a bachelor’s degree. A military relocation professional certification is like any other professional development opportunity. Both designations and certifications will be efficient for you to gain the knowledge and help you need regarding your military move.

How ARC Supports Military Members

Before it was discontinued, the USAA Movers Advantage Program offered cash rewards for military customers and their families to help them save money during a move. 

The goal of this program was to put money back into your pocket, have a wider variety of real estate agents, and increase your profit. ARC helps support military members by pairing you with a relocation specialist to help make your move easier. 

ARC offers a home buying or selling rebate to anyone buying or selling their homes, not just in the military. They will help you find a realtor or military relocation professional, help plan your move, and provide options for moving companies to move your belongings safely. 

They can help find insured van lines and moving companies that help with various factors like packing, unpacking, moving furniture, disposing of packing materials, providing packing supplies, assembling and disassembling furniture, and transporting your belongings. 

Final Thoughts 

Planning a military move can be complicated. 

However, using a military relocation professional can be less complicated. If you are planning on relocating, consider using ARC’s home buying or selling rebate to help you find a military relocation professional, plan your move, and provide you with a reliable moving company. Contact us today to receive a free consultation call.