Executive Relocation Services

ARC has experience  relocating Fortune 500 executives, public officials, and high level executives of government agencies. We have had the privilege of managing the relocation of some of the worlds most VIP’s from all over the world.  Although all of our clients’ transferees receive a white glove, tailor made service, ARC understands that there are those transferring employees that warrant an extra level of attention.

VIP Service

For VIP’s, ARC offers concierge service as an added benefit to ensure that all needs are met.  Certain relocation assignments call for special care, and the services below do nothing short than exceed expectations!  

Relocation Policy Creation
Relocating with Family

For the Family

Its safe to say that people want the best for one another. This is even more true for families relocating with their children. Moving without children is a difficult task, with perhaps 1-2 adults to take care of; relocating with children requires a lot more care, attention and relocation resources.  Many of ARC directors with children have had to relocate and know first hand how challenging it can be to make sure children get the best resources they need when they get to their new home.  Click here to learn about our full spectrum of kid’s relocation services!  Whether an employer is relocating a single employee, or a whole family, we know that know that  school and other wellness services are always a top priority.  


One of the guaranteed services we provide is to help you decide which school and/or family service center programs fit your needs best.  Not only do we have on the ground real time contacts with schools all over the world, but we provide school tours and finding services as well.  A VIP participating in an executive relocation program will have someone to guide them on this new journey! We understand that finding a new school, while moving in to a home, and a new job is a lot. That’s why we take care of it all. We gather the info, creating a comprehensive report of options also delivered in a first class presentation.  We can even offer school tours, private school interviews, and more! 

Finding a new school.
Doctors & Concierge Services

Doctors/Concierge Services

Transferring VIP’s often take advantage of medical concierge services. ARC will assist the VIP in making sure they find the best care provider for them/their family. ARC has managed VIPs in the past who have enjoyed even more medical service benefits such as visit on foot visit to Accident and Emergency department in a hospital.  Whether a transferee has family accompanying them or not, most executives feel more secure knowing they will be able to cope should the need arise. Procedures are discussed and information is given about the hospital and its facilities are compiled in multi-media presentations.  Our local experts provide REAL orientations, and really show you around! 

“To employers providing executive relocation packages, we understand that a very high level operative of yours could be in our care. We make sure you know that your employee is receiving the on-hand service they deserve”

Contact an ARC representative today for more info on medical benefits and executive relocation services.

Household goods and vehicle transport

VIP/Executive Movement of House Hold Goods & Vehicle Transport

Given the scope of assignee, its likely that the worth of house-hold goods  and vehicles may amount to a unusually high sums.  Therefore, ARC offers transferees on-site supervisors to ensure that the packing, loading and delivery of household goods is perfect.  Our third party service providers can deliver expert full service from home to home to anywhere in the world!  All movers/shippers of these goods will always be chosen based on customer satisfaction ratings and price. We will all our clients to the best service for the best price, no matter what!

Due to our exclusive contracts we hold wit the federal government, ARC has access to the prices of every shipper to virtually any country.  Providing full transparency to our clients is a founding principal of ARC Relocation.  Today we remain one of the very few 100% independent/privately owned relocation companies.  We have no franchise affiliations or restrictions, so our only motive is to get you the best deal!  Our government experience provides our clients with remarkably high levels of quality assurance as well. The United States Government is an elite purchaser of move management services, so we follow their standards. 

VIP/Executive Home Sale & Home Purchase Program

ARC is well versed in providing top tier home-finding service.  We know that buying or selling a home is not always easy, but we do our best to make it so. Below explains our processes and standards.

For home purchasers, we ensure that the employee has a choice of the best brokers in any given area while respecting and working with employee selected real estate professionals.

ARC uses the best realtors to refer transferees to for home sale/purchase and rental assistance at their new destination.  The employee is able to locate a home more quickly, reducing the amount of storage needed for Household Goods.  We save clients and transferees money at every turn!

VIP Home sale and purchase program
End to End Service

Mortgage Counseling

On top of the services mentioned above, transferees are also exposed to mortgage counseling. ARC will either directly or through association with national mortgage companies, provide executives with capability for direct billing of closing costs associated with employee’s purchase of a home.  This happens when the employee uses the Contractor-provided mortgage service through the three or more mortgage providers owned by or partnering with the Contractor, to obtain a mortgage to purchase a new home at the destination. This service should include, at a minimum, expertise regarding which home purchase.

A increased cash back rebate is one of the most inciting benefits that accompanies most executive relocation policies.  ARC is able to use our privilege to offer a affinity home rebates to every single relocating excecutive (where state law permits) at an rarey elevated rate.

Whether an executive is buying/selling a home, or renting, ARC has the systems in place to service the highest level VIP.  Contact ARC and learn more about our executive relocation home sale/home purchase program today!

Cultural/Language Learning

Whether an employer is moving their employee down the street, or a across the world, they will need to adjust.  For those executives moving abroad, we wont let you down! We urge the our clients to integrate cultural and language training for all employees trying to start over in a new unfamiliar place.   Services found in executive relocation polices can vary from immersive language classes to geographical excursions! Executives and their families benefit greatly from these services.  Not only will it allow the transferee to perform their job better as they develop a live pulse on the setting, but it will also help provide to them an experience of a life time.  Executives and their families will acquire skills and stories that are sure to be a hit at the next family dinner!

Culture & Language Learning

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