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Relocation Policy Development

Perhaps the most sought after relocation assistance by HR pros, here you’ll find  Relocation Policy Benchmarking and an Example Relocation Policy Library. In an industry constantly evolving to meet today’s challenges, HR professionals are asking ARC for guidance on relocation polices more than ever. 

Our experts are used by HR professional for benchmarking and for an example relocation policy that they can adapt. ARC relocation receives the industry’s highest awards for customer service and has earned the reputation as an industry leader among global relocation companies.


One of the unique qualities that sets ARC apart from most relocation management companies is the fact that ARC is not owned by, and has no affiliations with, any specific real estate brokerage network. As such ARC only partners with the top real estate brokerages in each region, regardless of ownership or affiliation. This gives ARC the unique ability in the relocation industry to refer the best Realtors on every transaction.

In addition to partnering with the top brokerages ARC is also the only relocation management company to offer our Affinity Rebate back to transferees on every home sale and home purchase transaction (when permitted by law).


After the 2018 Tax Reform Bill, all employee relocation related deductions were eliminated. In other words all relocation assistance expenses became taxable. However there is one tax protection that remains in the employee relocation process, the Buyer Value Option (BVO) otherwise known as “an Amended Sale”. The good news is a BVO covers the highest expense in the relocation process Home Sale Costs. 

On average this saves the company and or private seller \$15,000 or more per home sale (depending on the selling price of the home). As such eliminating this expense can offer a significant savings to your employee relocation program


Commonly known in the relocation industry as a “guaranteed home sale” or a “guaranteed home buyout” the relocation company purchases the home directly from the relocating employee to allow the employee to continue the relocation proceeds without having to wait for an offer on the open market from an outside buyer.

The process is approved by the client company in the company relocation policy. Most commonly the relocation company purchases the home directly from the employee at “fair market value.” Fair market value is normally determined by outside appraisals. Last the home is generally inspected for defects. 

Once due diligence has been completed the relocation company purchases the home from the employee.

The relocation company holds the home in “inventory” until the home sells to an outside buyer, allowing the employee to relocate to the new location without having to wait for an outside offer on the open market.


ARC is the only relocation assistance company that offers an Affinity Rebate on EVERY home sale and home purchase transaction when allowed by law. This rebate comes from ARC and is an additional cost free benefit to our clients.

ARC is able to refer our clients to the top brokerages in every market regardless of ownership and or affiliation.  As long as the transferee uses a referred realtor from ARC’s network when selling and/or buying a home, ARC will have them registered for a rebate back after closing. 


ARC encourages its clients to provide pre-decision counseling to their employees. The earlier ARC’s expert staff can start the process, the less stressful it will be to the transferee and the less likely we will have cancelled relocations (due to negative equity or other budgeting issues). ARC offers pre-decision programs as well as detailed service overviews and cost estimates. Pre-decision services are becoming increasingly popular as many corporations are tasked with cost control and potential budget cuts.


ARC has written an award winning proprietary software called “ARCmoves”. ARCmoves is an on-line bidding platform for movers. ARC’s clients are able to log on and receive pricing instantly from every mover anywhere in the world!

ARC provides move management services to some of the largest government agencies and corporations in the world.  Moreover, ARC ships goods to all 50 US States, every US Territory and over 85 countries.

Whether the goods have sentimental or monetary value, we know that these items are apart of who you are.  Click here to see the care and attention ARC provides when transporting house hold goods.


Approximately 50% of ARC’s business is international.  This is made possible by operating from our several brick and mortar locations to include the US and Puerto Rico.  HR professionals and corporations all over the world depend on ARC’s capability to manage both temporary and permanent assignments on a global scale.

Being the sole provider to some of the largest international government agencies and corporations, ARC has relocated government and corporate professionals to nearly 100 countries abroad.

Customs and complicated regulations wont stop ARC from relocation a transferee or their goods to any country where laws permit. Click here to see how it works!

Moving Personal Goods

Specifically, ARC populates our database with Temporary Housing Providers who have “bricks and mortar” presence in the area. This improves communication efficiencies as well as pricing. Additionally ARC’s providers are held to the highest industry standards for vetting and service delivery.

Whether its for a couple of weeks, or a few months, temporary housing is a relocation assistance service that provides the comfort of home. Our vendors pride themselves on providing homes equipped with all of the tools one may need while closing on a new home, or selling the old one.  At any rate, the experts at ARC will deliver the relocation assistance you need to hit the ground running in your new city, while sustaining a stable living situation!


One of the things ARC employees love most about their jobs, as reflected in their satisfaction surveys, is the fact that every relocation is unique.  By empowering employees, ARC is able to be flexible for our clients.  Providing the training, leeway, and resources that our relocation consultants need in order to provide custom solutions to fit each individual circumstance.

Our mission at ARC is to be an extension of the client and act as they would, while at the same time providing insider knowledge and best practices. Contact ARC today to find out how we can adapt to accomadate what ever relocation needs you may have!