Global Relocation Services

Approximately 50% of ARC’s business is international. ARC is able to provide white glove global relocation services thanks to our occupancy of several brick and mortar locations (including the US and Puerto Rico). HR professionals and corporations all over the world depend on ARC’s capability to manage both temporary and permanent assignments on a global scale.

Global Footprint 

To date, ARC has provided global relocation services to government and corporate professionals to over 85 countries abroad. That said, we are also the sole provider to some of the largest international government agencies and corporations. On the government side of ARC’s client portfolio, many of ARC’s international government clients are the same government agencies that regulate the relocation industry (such as the IRS, US Customs and the State Department to name a few).  Our counselors here at ARC have been trained and certified in the customs rules, laws and regulations for each country and are considered expert and industry leaders in international relocation services. As such, ARC Relocation supports approximately 1,600 relocations each year to over 85 countries in order to staff the Customs Agents at every US Airport and US Seaport in the world.  While working with corporations, ARC has been fortunate enough to provide global relocation services to nearly every continent.  From CEO’s to skilled workers, we have relocated them all!

How it Works 

ARC will strategically select a team of relocation counselors that will be solely dedicated to the relocation program at hand. These Relocation Counselors all have their GMS (Global Mobility Specialist) designations and are will trained to be experts in all policies and benefits offered by any given client.  Also, no matter where the the transferee may be relocating to, our clients can feel confident that our network includes top vendors in that area. ARC utilizes organizations like FIDI, (the governing body of global movers) to ensure that the partners selected are vetted for compliance. The benefits to using movers from this list are that the providers are held to strict standards of conduct, service, and performance. Every invoice is audited by Earnest & Young.

Expert Global Relocation Services 

ARC leads the industry in providing the following global relocation services. Here are just a few examples of the additional services ARC provides:

  • VISA Services
  • Immigration Services
  • Destination Services
  • Spousal Employment Assistance
  • Cost of Living Reports
  • International Banking Services
  • International Car Leasing Services
  • Settling-In Services
  • Cultural Training
  • Language Training
  • Expense Management
  • Mortgage Services
  • County to County Payroll Tax Equalization
  • And more


To find out what other global relocation services we offer, please contact us.