International Relocation Services for 2022

ARC offers global relocation services that allow international organizations to allocate their resources efficiently and vault over the hurdles that stand in their way. We can assist with temporary or permanent relocations to more than 80 different countries around the world, so whatever your needs, our company can accommodate them.

How Our Global Relocation Works

At the core of the ARC Relocation experience is being assigned a team of counselors who will focus their attention on your case and be your constant point of contact for support.

Having undergone extensive training and with plenty of experience under their belts, our counselors are able to carry out in-depth consultations, assessing your requirements and providing advice as to the best course of action.

This is not just reassuring for business decision-makers, but also for the employees who are being considered for relocation. We can even help you pick the best candidates for an international relocation, which should lead to greater satisfaction and happiness for all involved.

Global Corporate Relocation
Global Corporate Relocation

Global Moves for Corporate & Governmental Clients

ARC Relocation is the sole provider to some of the largest international government agencies and corporations, and to date we have relocated professionals in private and public sector organizations to over 85 countries.

On the government side of ARC’s portfolio, many of our clients are the same government agencies that regulate the relocation industry (such as the IRS, US Customs and the State Department, to name a few).

Our counselors have been trained and certified in the customs rules, laws and regulations for each country and are industry leaders in international relocation services. As such, ARC Relocation supports approximately 1,600 relocations each year in order to staff the Customs Agents at every US Airport and US Seaport in the world.

While working with corporations, ARC has been fortunate enough to provide global relocation services to nearly every continent. From CEOs to skilled workers, we have relocated them all!

Complex Paperwork, Sorted

One of the aspects of our international relocation services that our clients appreciate the most is that ARC can make sure that all of the most important documentation is acquired and completed without the usual hassle.

From VISA applications and immigration to tax, payroll and other finance-related issues, we will guide you through the most challenging aspects of a major relocation, keeping the company compliant with regulations and keeping the employee content at the same time.

Complex Relocation Paperwork
Moving Personal Goods

Housing Handled with Panache

At ARC we know that moving to a new country is about more than just finding a place to live; you also want to know that your possessions will be transported safely and stored securely if necessary.

There are other complications involved in housing which we aim to overcome for you, including assisting with the sale of property in one location and the rental or purchase of new accommodation at journey’s end.

With the aid of our mortgage experts, there is no need for the prospect of an international relocation to be quite so daunting. We can even provide cost of living reports that will highlight any significant differences in expenses which the company will have to take into account when it comes to remuneration.

“To employers providing Global relocation packages, we understand that a very high level operative of yours could be in our care. We make sure you know that your employee is receiving the on-hand service they deserve”

Contact an ARC representative today for more info on medical benefits and Global relocation services.

Household goods and vehicle transport

Post Move Support

Arranging all of the aspects of an international move before the event itself is important, but with ARC you can also rely on support and guidance that will be essential afterwards.

Our destination services encompass many key aspects that will help employees and their families to settle into their new neighborhoods. This can include language training, an introduction to the culture of the country that they will be calling home, assistance with finding work for their spouse, help with schooling for any children and much more besides.

Being able to communicate effectively and ingratiate yourself with the local community will be at the heart of a successful project. ARC can put you in touch with the right courses and tutors to achieve this.

Relocation Policy Creation

In addition to providing global relocation services for businesses that want to move employees internationally, ARC can also offer support for organizations that want to build a relocation policy of their own.

With our insights and expertise, you can shore up the foundations of an existing policy or start from scratch so that you are prepared for whatever the future might hold for your firm.

Relocation Policy Creation
End to End Service

Taking Care of Small Details

ARC Relocation will make any move more manageable not just by taking charge of the big picture aspects of the process, but also by dealing with the more minor aspects which are nevertheless necessary. 

This can include international car leasing services, which will allow employees to have access to a vehicle as soon as they touch down in their new home. This will help them to feel less isolated and will also mean that this is one less administrative task to add to the agenda.

Cultural/Language Learning

Whether an employer is moving their employee down the street, or a across the world, they will need to adjust.  For those employees moving abroad, we wont let you down!

We urge the our clients to integrate cultural and language training for all employees trying to start over in a new unfamiliar place.   

Services found in Global relocation policies can vary from immersive language classes to geographical excursions! Employees and their families benefit greatly from these services.  Not only will it allow the transferee to perform their job better as they develop a live pulse on the setting, but it will also help provide to them an experience of a life time. 

Executives and their families will acquire skills and stories that are sure to be a hit at the next family dinner!

Culture & Language Learning

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