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Relocating a large number of employees is never an easy thing. It’s not easy for the employees and it’s certainly not easy for the employer either. There’s a lot of planning, budgeting, and coordinating involved and it’s one of those things that’s sometimes better left to the professionals. Getting an expert involved might be the best decision you can make.

What is a Relocation Consultant? 

A relocation consultant is an expert at the logistics behind moving people no matter the number or the distance. Most of these individuals work as a part of a team and they’ll have strong connections with moving companies, appraisers, and HR professionals. 

The biggest advantage that relocation consulting provides is experience. Relocating employees isn’t something that every company does all the time so having a professional who does this everyday gives you a significant advantage. They’ll work with you from beginning to end, they’ll know what questions to ask, what problems you might run into, and how to handle them. 

Relocation Consultants

Why Hire a Relocation Consultant? 

We touched on this a little but there are some clear cut reasons why hiring a relocation consultant is a no-brainer. Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons: 

Less stress on the HR department – You have enough paperwork to do, planning and coordinating a large scale relocation isn’t the highest and best use of your time.

Lower relocation costs – When you’re hiring someone with experience the whole process will run much smoother. The result is often a more affordable relocation with less bottlenecks. 

No guessing – You’ll need to prepare a relocation bonus or relocation reimbursement, and a consultant will tell you how much it will cost for employees to relocate so you don’t have to put a number on it. 

Strong community relationships – Something else that no HR professional or individual could have is ties to each piece of the relocation puzzle. Relocation consultants can recommend the best moving companies, cleaning services, contractors, and more. 

Better employee morale – Moving is stressful and some corporate relocation policies only make it harder on the employee. These individuals are uprooting their families for your company so it’s up to you to make it as easy as possible. When the process goes smoothly, the employee will feel better about the relocation and they’ll be excited for their new assignment. 

Employee Relocation Consultant

How to Hire Professional Relocation Consulting 

Hiring an international relocation consultant is simple with ARC Relocation. We’re one of the most trusted companies for a reason. Our ultimate goal is to help reduce the amount of time it takes to coordinate the move, cut back the cost, and help you build better policies that you can continue to implement for years to come. 

We’ll tailor our services to meet the needs of your growing company. We understand that every organization has different needs so we provide an in-depth assessment on a case-to-case basis to ensure your employees get exactly what they need. 

Hiring us is the easy part, we’ll take care of it for you. Learn more about hiring a relocation consultant by contacting us today!