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What is the Worldwide Employee Relocation Council? [Membership Overview]

In the United States, we are a nation where employee relocation and the use of relocation specialists are not uncommon. The demand for employee relocation has been increasing since the second half of the 20th century. To keep up with this demand, the Worldwide Employment Relocation Council was formed. 

What Is the Worldwide ERC? (Employment Relocation Council Explained)

The Worldwide ERC, or Worldwide Employee Relocation Council, is the workforce mobility association for professionals who manage or support United States international and domestic employee transfer

The purpose of the ERC relocation is to help its members get through the difficult challenges of workforce mobility. Many of these employees come from a variety of professions, such as real estate, human resources, and military. Between the Worldwide ERC and International PEO, employee relocation is becoming an easier task to achieve.

History of the Worldwide Employment Relocation Council

The Worldwide ERC was founded by six individuals in Chicago, Illinois in 1964 because the demands for professional relocation were high. 

The founders of the Worldwide ERC wanted to supply the needs of the relocation market and help employees smoothly transition into a new period of their lives. In just one year, the Worldwide ERC had gained over 80 members. 

Today, the Worldwide ERC has over 12,000 ERC members across the world that come from a variety of different workforces. To help your employees settle into this new period of their lives, consider using destination services as a way to help your employees find a home, a school for their children, furniture, or anything to help them get settled. 

Things to Know About ERC Worldwide 

There are many important things to know about ERC Worldwide.

  • ERC is stationed in Washington, DC, and has a European bureau in Brussels, Belgium
  • There are over 12,000 members in the ERC
  • The Worldwide ERC members come from many diverse professions
  • There are many membership categories to choose from, such as Corporate Membership, Mobility Service Membership, and Personal/Professional Membership
  • They offer accreditations like Global Mobility Specialist and Certified Relocation Professional

Membership Categories Explained

It is helpful to understand the membership categories of the Worldwide ERC, especially if you are considering employee relocation. To learn more about how to join and the membership options best for your company, look into

Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership is designed for in-house professionals, like human resource professionals, within the Government Affairs and HR departments of corporations, military, and government who want to learn more about the industry of workforce mobility. 

To qualify, your company cannot be involved in any marketing aspects of providing services related to workforce mobility. The Corporate Membership will not cover your whole company if you join. Each person in your company will have to separately join to receive benefits through the Corporate Membership.

Mobility Service Membership

Mobility Service Membership is held by workforce mobility businesses and cannot be transferred from one company to another. The contact person for this membership needs to obtain permission from the company’s owner to represent their company. 

Personal/Professional Membership (PERC)

This membership is designed for a job seeker, a person in between jobs, or others who are involved in workforce mobility. When you have the PERC membership, you can enjoy discounts for conferences and have access to exclusive community groups and resources. 

Final Thoughts 

Understanding the Employment Relocation Council is essential for a company that might be relocating its employees. To learn more about how hiring a relocation partner could benefit you, schedule a consultation with ARC Relocation today!

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