2018 FIDI Conference | San Diego

The 2018 FIDI Conference took place in San Diego, California, on March 25th through the 29th.

Usually attended by approximately 600 representatives of FIDI Affiliates, this is THE event of the entire FIDI community. Annual conferences provide training and best practice sessions as well as attractive social events, which all lead to fantastic networking opportunities. The annual conference is also the location for FIDI’s annual General Assembly.

ARC Director, Bill Mulholland, spoke on a panel during the FIDI Conference. The Mover, a UK magazine, covered the discussion about compliance and the importance of FAIM.

“That’s why we gravitate to FIDI as it provides an assurance to [the clients] and it legitimises the vendor because they have gone through the entire process to be vetted,” he said. “Getting the FAIM certification is the highest level of dedication and legitimacy.”

He also chimed in on the emergence of blockchain technology:

“It’s like a gigantic global spreadsheet that can’t be changed,” he said. “Blockchain will be, 1000%, what everyone in this room is using in the next five years.  Every company will insist that you use blockchain to track all shipments.”

Earlier this year Bill was featured in FIDI Focus, the Voice of the International Moving Industry, speaking again about FAIM.