Winners will be announced November 14th, 2019 at the ARC Awards Gala

Bill Mulholland SCRP | GMS Director, ARC Relocation

“Like most Relocation Management Companies ARC Relocation tracks a number of metrics in an effort to measure “performance”. However at ARC we realize that we are only able to offer our clients and transferee’s the best pricing and the best service in the relocation industry if we are able to partner with the best service providers in each market.

Most Relocation Management Companies offer year-end service provider awards based on the service “metrics” from their system (survey scores, estimates to actuals etc.). These metrics are important but the intangibles are what separates a good service provider from an amazing service provider. The intangibles cannot be measured through metrics. As with all things that we do at ARC we have a commitment to take the examination of service providers deeper than the industry norm. After all the commodity that we sell at ARC Relocation is not only our experience, our knowledge, our expertise, our customer service but also our culture, our passion and our dedication to be the best Relocation Company in the world!” – Bill Mulholland SCRP, GMS – Director ARC Relocation

As such, the categories for awards at ARC are not just based on statistics but rather the very core values and mission that ARC embraces:

  • Innovation
  • Inspiration
  • Accountability
  • Team Work
  • Transforming Perspectives
ARC Team
About ARC Relocation

ARC Relocation is an Industry Leader for Employee Relocation Management Services. ARC services both the US Government and corporations around the world. ARC relocates thousands of employees each year in both the domestic United States and to and from over 85 countries world-wide.

To learn more about ARC Relocation please visit: “Why ARC” and “About ARC Relocation”.

Mission Statement

Transforming Perspectives

The relocation industry is complex, and each relocation is unique. As such ARC embraces a mission statement that is also complex and unique. One unique feature of ARC’s mission statement is that it has multiple meanings. For example, part of our mission to “change perspectives” by introducing people to the relocation industry. (Most people have not heard of the relocation industry and ARC has the ambitious mission to change that.)

Our mission is for ARC to be so successful and provide such great service that it helps to better spreads the word of the industry. It can also mean to change the perspective of how Relocation Management Companies are viewed by those who are familiar with the relocation industry. ARC wants to embrace true partnership, a positive culture, innovation and technology. Last the mission statement can be the mission to change a transferee’s perspective. Relocation is a major life event. We are literally changing someone’s life. Where they live. The culture they live in. The people they interact with. And the life experiences they have. There are other meanings for this mission and we have that we continue to add to our mission as ARC continues to grow and evolve.

Core Values

Teamwork – At ARC we function as a team. We embrace a positive culture and are here to support one another both personally and professionally. The company’s success is dependent on every employee and teamwork is recognized and rewarded!

Accountability – Relocation is a large financial obligation on part of the company and at the same time a large personal obligation on part of the relocating employee and family. As such ARC must embrace a culture of accountability to ensure that we are truly supporting the large obligations that our clients and transferees entrust us with.

Innovation – ARC was founded on an innovative affinity realtor rebate product. In 2004 ARC was the only RMC offering realtor rebate to transferees. Today most RMCs are matching ARCs rebate program. In order to continue to foster ARC’s growth and success we must continue to embrace and encourage innovation. All employees are encouraged to share ideas and embrace change!

Inspiration – At ARC we want to inspire people! We want to inspire people by setting an example. We want to inspire people to love what they do, take pride in their work, to be a good person and to help others!

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