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Companies Moving to Florida: What Attracts Businesses to Florida

As a business owner and CEO, I am acutely aware of the ever-shifting dynamics in the world of commerce. In recent years, a fascinating trend has been emerging—a growing number of companies are making the strategic decision to move their operations to Florida. 

Known as the Sunshine State, Florida is not only a popular destination for tourists but is also becoming an increasingly appealing haven for businesses seeking a thriving environment conducive to growth. 

In this article, we will explore the companies moving to Florida, delve into the reasons behind this migration, and examine the broader implications of this trend.

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Companies Moving to Florida 

Florida has witnessed a diverse array of businesses moving to Florida from various sectors. Many of these companies offer an executive relocation package, making it an easier choice for business owners and CEOs to make the move. Here are some prominent examples:


Renowned as one of the world’s largest investment firms, Blackstone made headlines when it decided to join other companies moving to Miami in 2021. This move underscores the growing interest in Florida’s burgeoning tech ecosystem, driven by its strategic location, access to talent, and supportive business

Lockheed Martin

A global aerospace and defense leader, Lockheed Martin relocated its Space division headquarters to Titusville, Florida. 

The Space Coast’s proximity to NASA facilities and a highly skilled aerospace workforce played a pivotal role in this strategic decision, making it an ideal location for Lockheed Martin’s endeavors in space exploration and defense technology. 

Additionally, Lockheed Martin offers a comprehensive relocation package to its employees, helping to make the relocation transition more smooth. 

Goldman Sachs

In 2021, Goldman Sachs announced its plans to establish a presence in West Palm Beach, focusing on asset management and wealth management services. The move reflects the state’s growing reputation as a financial hub and an attractive location for companies looking to expand their financial services operations.


A leading global payment solutions provider, Paysafe, decided to relocate its U.S. headquarters from Texas to St. Petersburg, Florida. The state’s business-friendly policies, access to a diverse talent pool, and a strategic location have positioned Florida as a prime destination for fintech companies like Paysafe.

Luminar Technologies

A pioneering company in autonomous vehicle technology, Luminar Technologies set up its primary operational facility in Orlando. Florida’s emphasis on innovation, its robust transportation sector, and its commitment to fostering the development of autonomous vehicles made it an ideal choice for Luminar’s operations.

The Deluxe Group

A prominent packaging and product design company, The Deluxe Group, made the move from California to Boca Raton, Florida. The allure of lower taxes and a more affordable cost of living in Florida, coupled with a favorable business environment, played a crucial role in this strategic shift.

Argo AI

Argo AI, a leader in self-driving technology, chose Miami as one of its test markets. Florida’s commitment to autonomous vehicle development, its favorable regulatory environment, and its potential as a testing ground for cutting-edge technologies make it an attractive destination for companies in the autonomous vehicle sector.

Olympus Insurance Company

As a Florida-based property and casualty insurer, Olympus Insurance Company benefits from the state’s extensive knowledge of insurance markets and its familiarity with the region’s unique challenges, making it a natural choice for its headquarters.

Blumberg Capital

A venture capital firm with a keen eye for innovation, Blumberg Capital opened an office in Miami to tap into the burgeoning startup scene. 

Florida’s growing reputation as a tech hub, along with its supportive ecosystem for startups and entrepreneurs, was a pivotal factor in this decision.

Mass Virtual

Mass Virtual, a software development company specializing in immersive training solutions, relocated its headquarters from California to Orlando. 

Florida’s strong aerospace and defense sectors, in addition to its burgeoning tech ecosystem, played a significant role in attracting Mass Virtual to the state.

Univision Communications Inc.

Univision, a Spanish-language media company, relocated its corporate headquarters to Miami in 2021. The move was driven by the desire to be closer to the vibrant Latin American and Hispanic markets, aligning with Miami’s diverse cultural landscape.

Watsco, Inc.

Watsco, Inc., a leading distributor of HVAC equipment, is headquartered in Miami. Florida’s climate and growing construction industry have made it a strategic base for the company’s operations.


The online auto retailer Carvana expanded its presence in Florida by opening a vehicle inspection and reconditioning center in Jacksonville. Florida’s strategic location for logistics and distribution played a role in this expansion.

Why Do CEOs Want to Move Their Companies to Florida?

These companies relocating to Florida is not a random occurrence; it’s a well-calculated, strategic move driven by an array of compelling factors. Let’s delve deeper into these factors to understand why CEOs and business owners are increasingly drawn to the Sunshine State:

Business-Friendly Environment

Florida’s reputation as a business-friendly state is second to none. Perhaps the most significant draw is the absence of state income tax, combined with competitive corporate tax rates. This fiscal advantage allows businesses to retain a more significant portion of their earnings, thereby enhancing profitability and capital reinvestment.

Quality of Life

Florida offers an unparalleled quality of life. With its year-round pleasant climate, beautiful beaches, and abundant recreational opportunities, the state provides a lifestyle that appeals not only to CEOs but also to their employees. A higher quality of life contributes to improved employee satisfaction and retention rates.

Access to a Skilled Workforce

Florida boasts a diverse and highly skilled workforce. The state is home to renowned universities, research institutions, and vocational schools, ensuring a steady talent pipeline across various industries. This access to a qualified workforce is invaluable to businesses seeking growth and innovation.

Access to Markets

Florida’s strategic location as a bridge between North America and Latin America positions it as a gateway to both domestic and international markets. 

The state’s extensive transportation infrastructure, including major ports and airports, facilitates the movement of goods and services, making it an ideal choice for companies engaged in import-export businesses.

Growing Tech Ecosystem

Florida’s tech ecosystem has experienced remarkable growth, particularly in cities like Miami, Orlando, and Tampa. 

The presence of tech accelerators, incubators, co-working spaces, and a burgeoning startup scene provides a supportive environment for tech companies looking to thrive and collaborate.

Real Estate Opportunities 

Florida’s dynamic real estate market offers attractive opportunities for businesses to invest in office space or establish new headquarters. The flexibility and variety of real estate options cater to the diverse needs of companies looking to expand, downsize, or relocate.

Innovation and Research

Florida is committed to fostering innovation and research across multiple sectors. The state has made significant investments in industries such as aerospace, biotechnology, clean energy, and healthcare, positioning itself as a hub for innovative companies at the forefront of their respective fields.

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No Snow, No Problem

The absence of harsh winters and snow-related disruptions is a significant operational advantage for businesses. Florida’s stable climate ensures smoother day-to-day operations, fewer weather-related interruptions, and enhanced business continuity.

Infrastructure Investment

Florida consistently invests in infrastructure projects to accommodate the needs of a growing business community. This includes expanding highways, improving public transportation, and upgrading technology infrastructure to support the digital demands of modern businesses.

Diverse Industries

Florida’s economy is marked by its diversity, encompassing a wide range of industries. From tourism and hospitality to finance, technology, healthcare, and manufacturing, Florida provides a diverse business landscape that allows companies to collaborate, diversify their operations, and access new markets.

Educational Institutions

Florida boasts a robust network of educational institutions, including universities, colleges, and vocational schools. 

This extensive educational infrastructure not only provides a skilled workforce but also offers opportunities for collaboration and research partnerships between businesses and academia. Companies that rely on cutting-edge research and innovation can benefit significantly from the proximity of top-tier educational institutions.

Quality Healthcare

Florida is home to world-class healthcare facilities and research centers. The state’s healthcare ecosystem provides access to advanced medical treatments and services, making it an attractive destination for companies moving to Florida. 

Access to quality healthcare contributes to a healthier and more productive workforce.

Tourism and Convention Centers

Florida’s thriving tourism industry includes numerous convention centers and event venues. These facilities are ideal for businesses that frequently host conferences, trade shows, and industry events. 

The state’s popularity as a tourist destination ensures a steady stream of visitors, making it easier for businesses to connect with clients, partners, and customers.


In conclusion, these companies moving to Florida are not merely a transient trend but represent a calculated and strategic choice driven by a multitude of compelling factors. 

From its business-friendly policies and workforce mobility to its high quality of life, access to talent, diverse industries, and burgeoning tech ecosystem, Florida offers an unparalleled business environment that resonates with CEOs and entrepreneurs striving for growth and innovation.

As a business owner and CEO, I have personally witnessed the advantages of operating in Florida. I firmly believe that this momentum will continue to build as more companies recognize the Sunshine State’s potential as a hub for business success. 

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In an ever-evolving business landscape, Florida stands as a beacon of opportunity, a place where companies can thrive, innovate, and flourish, all under the warm and inviting sun of the Sunshine State.

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