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Move Management Services [Simplify Your Relocations in 2023]

Communication and planning are the keys to a successful corporate relocation. If you’re moving your business and it’s employees, you need to plan accordingly to maintain a positive outlook for both the employees and shareholders. 

This is where move management services come into play. HR professionals and managers only have so many hours in the day and coordinating a corporate relocation will only take valuable hours away from running the business. Instead, many businesses elect to hire move management companies to handle as much or as little as they want. 

What Are Move Management Services? 

The best thing about move management companies and professional relocation companies is that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all option. You don’t have to choose from an endless list of packaged services and be forced to take on certain things you don’t need. The best relocation companies like ARC will offer a unique set of services to help you with your relocation. The services you receive might be different from someone else and that’s okay. You have your own business with its own unique challenges and we understand that. Where move management companies really come into play is with the planning and strategic movement of employees. Moving your “stuff” is simple. We help you package up whatever you want, coordinate the transportation, and get it moved to your new location. Anything you don’t want, we assist you with disposing or selling it. 

But taking care of employees is the time consuming and challenging part. These are real people with families and roots planted in your current community. Tearing them away from their home is not an easy thing to do and it’s up to you to make the process as easy and painless as possible

ARC Relocation not only moves your stuff, but we move your people too. We’ll work with you to develop relocation policies that provide your team members with the funds they need to sell their home, move their belongings, and purchase a new home. We’ll also act as a liaison that they can turn to whenever they’re struggling with something. You can still be available as much as you like but when you’re busy, we’re there to step in and help. 

Move Management Services

Move Management Services We Offer 

Now let’s talk more specifically about some of the services we offer to you and your employees. 

Corporate Relocation 

At the center of all we do is corporate relocation. If your business or employees are moving from one location to the next, you’ll want to hire a corporate relocation company to help you with that. Again, we can provide as much or as little assistance as you like. If you’re looking for a company that will simply take over and handle everything from A to Z, we’re here for you. 

Relocation Strategy 

Many business owners don’t realize the amount of strategic planning that goes into relocating a company. There are so many moving parts and that’s why we’re here. We’ll put together a relocation strategy that helps maintain employee morale while making the move as simple as possible. Our ultimate goal is to take as much off your plate as possible so you can continue focusing on running and growing the business. 

Global Mobility Planning 

International relocations are a whole different ball game. There are tax requirements, currency exchanges, and a bunch of paperwork that I’m sure you’d rather avoid. Understanding global mobility is not exactly easy but we do this all the time. That’s the advantage of hiring a company like ARC. This is all we do so we know how to handle every twist and turn. 

Financial Planning 

You can’t simply take an employee and tell them that they’re being relocated and make them take care of everything themselves. Companies offer relocation packages to help make the move more desirable. These packages include funds for shipping supplies, time off work, purchasing a new home, breaking a lease, fuel, and more. Determining how much to pay the employees is nearly impossible without an expert. 

Final Thoughts 

Move management services are so much more than simply helping move “stuff.” We’re moving people, we’re changing lives, and we hope it’s always for the better. To learn more about ARC Relocations move management services, click here to book a free call today

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