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Moving Assistance Programs: What Are They and How Do You Qualify?

When planning to move, it is common to feel stressed and excited. There are many steps involved in the moving process, such as packing up all of your belongings, scheduling your move, finding a new home, and budgeting to prepare for all moving expenses. 

Moving assistance programs can help take some of the financial burdens off of you throughout your move, as they can provide you with rebates to help pay for your closing costs or other expenses associated with your move.

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What Is a Moving Assistance Program?

A moving assistance program is a program that is designed to help those moving with resources to help pay for expenses associated with their relocation. These types of programs help make the moving process more affordable, as well as more manageable. 

They are geared towards anyone buying or selling a home, whether they are relocating for their job or personal reasons. Typically, you will receive a cash rebate based on your home’s sale or purchase price.

How to Qualify for a Moving Assistance Program

Anyone who is buying or selling a home can qualify for a moving assistant program. However, specific relocation assistance programs are available for those with a low income, and those qualifications are more comprehensive. 

Moving assistance programs that offer rebates for your move, such as the ARC Realtor rebate, only require you to buy or sell your home to qualify. 

What Is the ARC Realtor Rebate?

The ARC Realtor Rebate is a real estate program offered by the American Realty Council (ARC). If you are buying or selling your home, you can qualify to receive a cash realtor rebate on your property’s sale or purchase price if you work with a participating ARC real estate agent. 

This program enables you to save money throughout your move, as a portion of the real estate agent’s commission goes back to you as a cash rebate. This rebate can allow you to save money during the transaction.

Benefits of the ARC Realtor Rebate Program

The ARC Realtor Rebate Program has many benefits when buying or selling your home. 

  • Opportunity to save a significant amount of money
  • A minimum of 3 percent commission
  • The cash rebate can be used for multiple purposes, such as moving expenses, furnishing your home, or reducing closing costs
  • Offers an incentive for you to work with an experienced and participating real estate agent
  • It can help expedite the sale of your home, as it may appear more attractive to buyers 

How Do You Get a Rebate for Buying or Selling a Home?

To get a rebate for buying or selling a home, you must first follow a few steps to ensure you qualify. The first step is looking for a real estate agent that offers the rebate, such as an ARC real estate agent providing the ARC Realtor Rebate. Once you choose your real estate agent, you can buy or sell your home with the realtor’s guidance.

Once your transaction is completed, you will receive your cash rebate. The cash rebate is based on a certain percentage of your real estate agent’s commission. Your rebate amount can vary depending on the terms of the moving assistance program as well as the value of your transaction. 

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What Benefits Do Moving Assistance Programs Offer When Selling or Buying a Home?

There are various benefits of using a moving assistance program for help with moving costs throughout your relocation. 

More Flexibility

Having more flexibility throughout your moving process is often one of the most favored benefits of using a moving assistance program. These types of relocation programs to help move out of state offer financial savings, which can help you have more flexibility and freedom in making decisions. 

The flexibility can give you more options when choosing a better moving company, negotiating the price of your new home, making any necessary repairs, and having access to more money throughout the moving process.

The ARC Realtor Rebate program offers you the ability to choose your realtor. We have a large preferred network, click here to learn more! 

Financial Savings

There are many costs associated with moving that can strain your finances. These costs include closing costs, moving fees, and unexpected expenses that often arise throughout the moving process. When you receive financial assistance with moving, you can get rebates to help offset these costs. 

The cash rebate from the ARC Realtor Rebate program can help with relocating by reducing your closing costs, hiring professional movers, purchasing new furniture for your new home, or any other expenses needed to get you settled in your new home. 

Power to Negotiate

Having negotiating power is ideal when you are involved in a real estate transaction. You can better negotiate using the ARC realtor Rebate program because of the cash rebate. 

You can effectively negotiate with other real estate agents to reduce purchase prices, negotiate better terms, lower any fees associated with the move, and do anything you need to maximize the value of your transaction. 

Strong Relationship With Your Real Estate Agent

When moving assistance programs offer rebates, you often develop a strong relationship with your real estate agent. Your realtor is committed to your fulfillment throughout the moving process. When working with a real estate agent who offers cash rebates when buying or selling a home, you can trust that your realtor will be loyal and trustworthy.

What Do Homebuyers Use Moving Assistance Rebates For?

Relocation assistance programs help with moving expenses and other factors associated with your move. These rebates can be used for the following:

Closing Costs

Closing costs are one of the most substantial costs of purchasing a home. A moving assistance rebate can help moving to another state become easier by covering a portion of your closing costs, which helps ease the financial burden of moving. Closing costs cover fees that come with buying or selling a home, such as appraisal fees and searches on the title of your home. 

The specific closing costs can vary depending on the type of loan you have for your mortgage and where you live.

Making Repairs and Upgrades

You may need or want to make repairs or upgrades to your new home. Common home improvements include painting, flooring upgrades, remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, finishing a basement, and landscaping. Having extra funds from a rebate can help pay for necessary repairs or desired upgrades.

New Furniture

When moving to a new home, it is a typical expense to purchase new furniture and home decor. You can use the money from your moving assistance rebate to help buy these items for your new home. 

The cost of new furniture can be costly, depending on if you are furnishing multiple rooms, or just one room, and how many home decor items you plan to buy. Typically, the cost of new furniture for a living room can range between $4,000 and $6,400, and new bedroom furniture can range between $2,500 and $6,000.

Future Maintenance and Emergencies

It is always smart to have money set aside for future home maintenance and repairs. Rebates allow you to create a fund to pay for regular home maintenance, such as appliance replacements, new roofs, HVAC repairs, plumbing issues, etc. This ensures you are prepared for common emergencies that come with home ownership.

Moving Costs

A rebate allows you to have financial help with moving costs, such as renting a moving truck, hiring a moving company to move to a new state, or purchasing supplies such as boxes, bubble wrap, tape, plastic bags, blankets, newspaper, or plastic storage bins. Moving costs can add up quickly, so having the extra money from your rebate is helpful to help cover some of these costs. 

Emergency Funds

Having money set aside for emergencies is essential in case you need it. You may need access to the emergency funds if there are any unexpected costs throughout your move. It can be comforting to know that you have extra money for these emergencies if needed. 

Moving Assistance – FAQs

How do I get moving assistance?

To get moving assistance, research and see which programs are available in your area. It is essential to pay attention to any eligibility requirements, such as your income or particular circumstances, but a rebate program often only requires you to be a homebuyer or seller. 

What are the most common moving assistance programs?

Some of the most common moving assistance programs include the ARC Realtor Rebate Program, the Military Relocation Assistance Program, and the Community Heroes Rebate Program. These programs enable you to get a cash rebate for buying or selling a home but have different requirements.

How do moving assistance programs allow me to save money?

You can save money by using a moving assistance program, as you can earn back cash in rebates that allow you to have free money to relocate. The cash rebates allow you to have extra money to pay for moving expenses, such as hiring a moving company, renting a moving truck, purchasing new furniture for your home, or helping pay for your closing costs. 

Who can qualify for a relocation assistance program?

Anyone buying or selling a home can qualify for the ARC Realtor Rebate program. For other relocation assistance programs, the qualifications differ. 

For example, the Military Relocation Assistance Program requires you to be in the military to qualify. In contrast, the Community Heroes Rebate Program requires you to be a healthcare worker, teacher, emergency personnel, firefighter, law enforcement, or in the military.

How long does it take to receive my rebate?

You will typically receive your rebate within 30-60 days after closing on your home purchase or sale. The exact timing depends on the specific terms of the relocation assistance program. With the ARC Realtor Rebate, you can expect to receive your rebate shortly after completing all paperwork and finalizing the real estate transaction.

Final Thoughts

A moving assistance program can offer financial relief throughout your move, making you feel better prepared to buy or sell your home. In particular, the ARC Realtor Rebate Program gives you a cash rebate to help offset the costs associated with your move. 

To start saving for your move today, contact a participating real estate agent and ask about the ARC Realtor Rebate Program

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