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Application for Partnership Opportunity Van Line / Mover

Thank you for your interest in partnering with American Relocation Connections (ARC).  As ARC’s client portfolio expands, we add experienced relocation providers to our partnership platform.  ARC provides custom-tailored relocation solutions for its clients.  Our success depends upon careful selection of regionalized expertise and professionalism to represent ARC and its clients.

Help us learn more about your company!  Please complete this application and submit it along with the $250 application fee.  Upon receipt, ARC will review the application and contact you with the results.  Please note this fee is non-refundable and does not guarantee approval. 

The fee covers ARC’s time to contact various relocation consortiums such as: ERC, FIDI, AMSA, IAM and more to verify membership. The fee also covers ARC’s time to contact references to verify experience and performance. Thank you for your interest in becoming a provider for ARC!

General Information
Company Name
Company Address
Company Phone
Company Website
Primary Contact Name
Primary Contact Title
Primary Contact Phone
Requestor's Name (if different)
Requestor's Title
Requestor's Phone
Company Information
Is your company an agent of a larger van line?
If yes, what van line?
Please List All Memberships (ERC, AMSA, etc.)
Does your company own their own trucks?
If you're on the GSA Schedule, please provide Contract Number or else indicate N/A.
How many moves per year does your company do through the GSA schedule?
Please indicate your SCAC Code or NA.
Do you have published rates CHAMP rates in TMSS?
If your company is State Department Certified, please provide your contact. If not, please indicate N/A.
What percentage of your business is domestic?
What percentage of your business is international?
Is your company FIDI certified?
Do you self-insure?
Comments + Additional Information
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Will we have designated Point of contact on our account?
Will you be able to provide one e-mail address for us to send all referrals?
Will this e-mail be set up on a distribution list?
Please describe what separates your company from it’s competitors.
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Please describe your escalation process.
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What discount would you be able to offer on your corporate tariff?
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To be considered a vendor partner we require three industry references, preferably other Relocation Management Companies (RMCs), that have worked with you for a minimum of 2 years and have sent you over 50 moves per year.

Reference #1


Reference #2


Reference #3

Additional Comments, Questions, or References
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Please note that the application fee is non-refundable. Admission to network is not guaranteed.  Application processing can take up 30 business days.

Application Fee[FIELD90][FIELD90*FIELD91]

Each vendor application is reviewed closely and admittance into ARC’s vendor network is based on vendor qualifiications. If you have answered “no” to any number of the questions in this application, or are unable to provide other Relocation Management Companies as  references, you may not meet the minimum qualifications and may not be added to ARC’s vendor network. 

Please note that the application fee covers the costs associate with reviewing the application, contacting refrences, etc. The applocation fee is non-refundable even in the event the application is rejected.

AcknowledgementI acknowledge the above statement regarding the application and qualifications.

After clicking Submit, you will be redirected to PayPal to complete payment. Applications without payment will not be processed.

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