Recruiting Incentive Ideas

6 Best Recruiting Incentive Ideas to Motivate Recruiters

It is essential to show your recruiters how important they are to your company. 

Without them, you would not have the successful employees you have today. Recruiters are highly important to your company, as they help to find suitable candidates for various job positions within your business. 

Recruiters are able to adapt to change, reduce turnover, and improve the morale of the company. Overall, you need recruiters to help save time and money while you focus on running the company and managing employees. 

While hiring skilled new employees for your company is your recruiters’ job, you can help them meet and exceed their hiring goals by offering incentives. 

These incentives for recruiters can be inexpensive and can cost nothing. However, the most costly thing you can do is to lose your valuable employees. It is essential to help your recruiters feel valued.

1. Social and Networking Events

A great recruiting incentive idea to motivate recruiters is to get together for social or networking events. These events can work in your favor and help boost your recruiters to hit their hiring objectives. Social and networking events can be inexpensive. 

You can go out for a group dinner once a month or do something more simple like an ice cream social.  Let’s meet at a bar and have a few drinks now and then or plan a yearly holiday party. Social and networking events also can revolve around something other than eating. 

You can have virtual groups with a live Q&A, get involved in community service groups, have weekly roundtable discussions, or have a monthly bowling night. Whichever you choose,  it is an excellent way for your recruiters to feel more involved in their work community. 

2. Flexible Working Hours

Offering flexible working hours to your recruiters can make them feel valued by you. While offering flexible working hours is not always achievable, working around their schedules when they need flexibility can go a long way. 

If it is possible to allow your employees more flexibility with working hours, they can meet their obligations. It can help them better care for family members, pursue their education, exercise, and eat well. 

For example, even starting their day an hour early and ending it an hour earlier can make a huge difference if there is traffic during rush hour. For other recruiters, it might be convenient for them to have flexible hours so they can pick their children up from school. Flexible hours are significant in keeping your employees happy.

3. Bonuses

As an HR manager or a general manager, you know how difficult it can be to find the right candidate for a job. You must find someone with the proper skills and experience, which is why your recruiters are so important. 

Offering bonuses to your recruiters is one of the best recruitment incentive ideas and is a great way to motivate them to find the best employees for your company. Bonuses incentivize your recruiters to do their best to find skilled employees and ensure your company is getting the best of the best. 

Besides monetary bonuses, you can also offer your recruiters other incentives. Consider offering free lunch, movie tickets, tickets to a baseball game, or a shopping gift certificate. Your recruiters will feel motivated to find your company’s best talent when offered incentives or bonuses.

4. Vacation Days

Another good recruiting incentive idea to motivate your recruiters is to offer vacation days. While they likely already have vacation days, you can add extra vacation days for them if they hit their hiring goals. 

It is up to you if the vacation days are fully paid vacation days or paid half days. Your recruiters will typically appreciate the effort you put in to allow them some time off.

Your recruiters might be more inclined to exceed their hiring goals if they know they can earn more vacation days. Your recruiters might like this incentive also to improve their work/life balance.  Whatever the reason, employees who take more vacation days have better physical and mental health benefits, lower stress, and more motivation to achieve goals.

5. Health and Wellness Program

Your company can help motivate your recruiters by having a health and wellness program. It can be expensive to offer gym memberships and might be out of your budget, but it is typically a highly appreciated perk and is an excellent recruiting incentive.

You can create a corporate membership with a local gym for your employees to use during their leisure time. If it is not in your company’s budget to have a corporate gym membership, you can set up discounts at the local gym or a bicycle store. 

These discounts can go a long way for your employees, saving them up to fifty percent off a standard membership. Recruiters who stay healthy are less likely to miss work, meaning they will have the time and energy to help recruit more employees or offer relocation assistance.

6. Say Thank You

A simple thank you can go a long way for your recruiters and might be the most important way to show appreciation and inspire them to recruit more employees. Besides verbally saying thank you, you can thank your recruiters more thoughtfully. 

Some good ways to say thank you include writing a handwritten note, sending a bouquet of flowers, signing a thank you card, or giving them a gift card to one of their favorite restaurants. In the thank you note, you should mention how valuable they are to your company and that you appreciate their efforts with international or even local recruitment. 

Final Thoughts

Offering recruiting incentive ideas to your recruiters is essential to helping them feel valued and inspired to hire more talent for your company. ARC Relocation can help you with your international mobility by helping relocate your newly hired employees. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary call!