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ARC encourages its clients to provide pre-decision counseling to their employees. The earlier ARC’s expert staff can start the process, the less stressful it will be to the transferee and the less likely we will have cancelled relocations (due to negative equity or other budgeting issues). ARC offers pre-decision programs as well as detailed service overviews and cost estimates. Pre-decision services are becoming increasingly popular as many corporations are tasked with cost control and potential budget cuts. ARC has the ability to provide you pre-decision estimates on the costs associated with relocating a potential candidate. This service will enable your company to forecast potential costs and have strategic discussions on how you can best relocate an individual with the greatest cost savings to the company. To receive a free relocation cost estimate please complete the form below.

  • What are the average costs to relocate an employee?

    This can vary drastically based on the “scope” of the relocation. Below are the 2019 average relocation costs brokern down by service:

    1. Home Sale (realtor commissions and closing costs): $24,536
    2. Lease breakage penalty (reimbursement): $4,250
    3. Transporation of Household Goods: $12,391
    4. Temporary Housing: $3,742
    5. Home Purchase Costs: $6,582
    6. Rental Assitance: $1,100
    7. Travel for family (home finding and final): $4,965
    8. Misc Lump Sum: $3,000
    9. Settling-In Services: $2,673

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