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Does Tesla Offer a Relocation Package?

While moving to a new location with your family can be a challenging task, a relocation package from your employer can make things much easier. However, the exact benefits will depend on your position and the policies of the company that you are working for.

Since Tesla has a huge workforce of 70,000 employees spread across three continents, the need for relocation arises frequently. And as a top-tier company, Tesla offers comprehensive relocation assistance to its employees.

As expected, details about Tesla’s relocation package are hard to find in the public domain. The fact that most companies do not have fixed parameters about relocation packages makes finding exact data even harder. We can only piece together a picture of the benefits offered from various employee experiences and some of the information scattered around.

Let’s discuss the various details of Tesla Motors relocation package.

Types of Tesla Relocation Packages

The type of relocation assistance package that Tesla offers will depend on your position in the company. Generally, most companies offer two basic forms of relocation packages as discussed below.

Keep in mind that any relocation benefit that you receive will be taxable. You will have to pay income and FICA taxes on the amount you receive from the employer. However, you can discuss the chances of a tax gross-up being paid by the company to cover the taxes.

Relocation Package 

A standard relocation package is often categorized into multiple tiers to match the position of the employee in the company. An entry-level employee can belong to tier one, whereas a senior manager can be classified as tier three. The benefits offered will vary based on the tiers.

In some cases, the package breaks down the different expenses involved with the move and sets a maximum reimbursement amount for each. These will include the cost of shipping household items, home sales, vehicle shipping, and travel expenses. 

Based on a discussion with the employee, the maximum amount that can be spent for each category is fixed. In addition, the employer also provides support to organize the move.

The employee is paid based on the actual expenses. If the total expenses do not touch the upper limit, the remaining amount is not paid. This makes it a more economical choice for the company. 

For employees at a higher level, Tesla may offer fully covered relocation packages. This covers the higher costs like business class flight fares that they are likely to incur.

While flexible allowance plans work great to cover the individual needs of employees, they do not offer privacy in terms of spending. So many millennials prefer the other form of relocation support- the lump sum or the relocation bonus option.

Lump Sum

Lump sum packages are offered as a fixed sum to the employees irrespective of their actual moving costs. This gives employees the freedom to use the money to arrange the move in any way they want. The package is determined after a discussion where the employee outlines the requirements for their move.

The lump sum packages can be fixed or variable. You can expect Tesla packages tailored for different employees, based on factors like relocation distance, family size, salary level, and more. In general, lump sum payments are more common for entry-level employees at Tesla.

The sum assured as a relocation bonus can be paid directly to the employee. Some employers also pay it to third-party service providers after the move is over. 

The last option is the reimbursement process. Here, the employee pays for the relocation expenses and receives reimbursement at a later date. In most cases, an employee has to submit at least moving estimates from third-party movers and select the moving company after a discussion with Tesla.

When it comes to relocation bonus vs relocation reimbursement, each has its own pros and cons. Ultimately, it comes down to meeting your relocation needs in the best possible manner. 

In fact, managing expenses at all levels of a complex move can be challenging for the company. Lump sum payments reduce the need for unwieldy expense tracking while allowing the company to keep employee-moving expenses in check.

By choosing a lump sum benefit, you will have the flexibility to choose your own relocation methods. However, if you are confused about issues like how to sell your house fast for relocation, it is best to choose a relocation package that offers full support from Tesla’s relocation assistant.

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How Much Is Tesla’s Relocation Package?

Since Elon Musk wants employees to forego remote work and move to the office, employee relocation has become more common at Tesla. The exact relocation package depends on a lot of factors and it is not cheap. 

For a new employee, the average relocation expenses can be close to $19,000 for a renter and around $72,000 for a homeowner. For a current employee, who is a homeowner, the costs can be as high as $10,0000.

A typical relocation package for top-level employees can be at the higher end, depending on their individual needs. Typically, the higher the employee level, the more the amount paid by the company for relocation.

That said, Tesla’s relocation support team will evaluate each move on a case-by-case basis. You also need to consider the other forms of relocation support beyond financial, that Tesla may provide.

One important aspect of determining a relocation package is proper negotiating. If you are confident about your value as an employee, do not hesitate to ask for more. That said, make sure that you have genuine reasons to support your demands.

Note, the compensation package in Tesla is not as high as in tech companies like Alphabet or Apple. This has to do with the difference in business types and the different ways in which they are run. So, you can expect the same for Tesla relocation packages.

How Long Does It Take to be Eligible for Relocation at Tesla?

Most companies do not have fixed eligibility criteria for relocation packages. In general, all active, full-time employees working in a Tesla facility are eligible for relocation if the right situation arises. It also depends on the personal requirements of the employee. However, new employees are not encouraged to relocate within two years of their joining.

For example, in December 2021, Elon Musk shifted the corporate headquarters of Tesla from California to Austin. The company mentioned that around 50% of the workforce in California decided to make the move to Austin due to the lower cost of living in the city. So employees deciding to move were eligible for Tesla’s relocation package.

What Does Tesla’s Relocation Package Include?

Tesla’s relocation package covers all the expenses that the employee will have to make during the move. The company has employee relocation representatives who will provide the necessary support during a move. The goal is to ensure that the move is carried out smoothly while minimizing the overall expenses.

For international moves, you can expect support for managing visas and other immigration issues from the Tesla support team.

Here is a list of benefits that you can expect from a typical Tesla relocation package.

  • Assistance for the sale of an employee’s current residence including sales commissions, legal costs, and other closing expenses like lease cancellation.
  • Mortgage assistance if needed.
  • Compensation for advance visits to the new location with your family and getting familiar with it.
  • Assistance for choosing a moving company and trucking belongings and personal effects to the new location. This includes packing and unpacking goods.
  • International shipping and housing assistance.
  • Arranging the moving of vehicles to the new location. The number of vehicles is usually limited to one or two in most cases.
  • Reimbursement for rental payments for a fixed period in the new location.
  • Assistance for realtor selection.
  • One-way plane ticket for the entire family or fuel charges.
  • Reimbursement of other incidental expenses as needed.
  • Spousal job support if needed.

How to Get a Tesla Relocation Package

To get a Tesla relocation package, you will have to apply for a job post that will need you to move to a new location. In most cases, the Tesla career website list jobs that will need relocation. If you are already a Tesla employee, you may look for internal opportunities that will allow you to move to a preferred location.

Tesla Relocation Package – FAQs

Is Tesla’s relocation package negotiable?

Yes. You can negotiate with the relocation manager if you have genuine reasons for demanding higher compensation for the move. However, the company may or may not accept your demands based on the situation and policies.

Does Tesla offer international relocation?

Yes, Tesla offers international relocation assistance for existing employees and new joiners. You can expect support to handle the bureaucratic and administrative work needed to meet the legal requirements of the new country.

Is Tesla’s relocation package a typical relocation package?

Tesla can offer a typical relocation package or a customized package to fit the needs of an employee. The exact package structure will depend on your level as an employee and your salary.


Like most other top companies, Tesla ensures that their relocation package is an effective recruiting tool to attract top talent. However, the nature of the package will vary depending on the employee. As an employee, make sure to go through the details of the Tesla relocation package and choose the right option to make your move a stress-free affair. 

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