What Are Destination Services? 

Moving your employees to a new state or country can be more difficult than it seems. They will need a new house and might need to arrange for their children to find a new school. Moving your employees affects their families as well. Destination services offer a wide range of essential “settling-in” services that can be useful to your employees and their families when going through such a large change.

What Do Destination Service Providers Help With? 

Destination Service providers help employees with finding a house, a school, ensuring any legal documents are in order, and any other time-consuming challenges employees might face when relocating themselves and their families for work. Having help with these challenges allows relocating employees to have more freedom to focus on their goals.

Home Search

Finding a new home is a time-consuming and stressful process, especially if your employees don’t know much about the new area they are moving to. Destination services can help your employees find a home within their budget and can even help to negotiate the lease and settle any other paperwork associated with moving.

Moving Services

Destination services can help your employees find moving companies or ship household goods to ensure their move goes as smoothly as possible. Help with moving services will allow your employees to feel less stressed about packing up their family and moving to a new area. If they have help with packing and moving, they will more easily be able to transition into their new home. 


Global relocation can be extremely frustrating due to visa and immigration regulations. These regulations greatly differ from country to country, and understanding the requirements needed to move into a new country is a difficult task. Destination services can help with immigration services and can coordinate the immigration process by filing any paperwork, registering documents, doing visa renewals, and even obtaining work permits when necessary.

School Search

When your employees are also moving their family with them, their children’s education is an important part of their move. It is a good idea to have destination services help with finding a new school for your employees’ children, as each county in each state can have different or unfamiliar regulations. 

Education assistance programs will help your employees understand the best schooling options for their children in their new area and will assist in finding the best school to meet their needs. Having help with this will help your employees to feel better about moving to an unfamiliar area, knowing that their children’s education is being taken care of.

Destination Services Provider and Corporation
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Cultural Integration 

Integrating into a new country is important for your employees to understand the new country’s culture and language in order for them to be successful. Cross cultural training will help your employees and their families settle in and learn more about their new surroundings. Your employees can also have lessons in business language or conversational language. If they are moving to a country where the language is the same, cultural training will not be necessary. 

Moving with Pets

There are many challenges associated with moving pets to another state, let alone moving them to another country. There are so many factors your employees will have to consider when deciding to move their pets. They may need special airline carriers, paperwork that needs to be filled out for each pet, and appointments need to be made to see a new veterinarian. 

All countries have different regulations regarding health certificates for pets, and some countries are more strict than others. A lot of the time, pets need to be held in quarantine for a few days when arriving in a new country. Destination services can help to make the process of moving pets easier for your employees since they will likely want to bring their furry friends along for their move.

How ARC Can Help

Moving your employees across the country or to a new country is a difficult thing to do. ARC Relocation services can help make the transition easier with our global destination services. We can manage your move in an efficient amount of time, cut costs, and increase the success rate of your employees. To make the process of relocation easier for your employees, book a free call today.