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Breaking Down the Apple Relocation Package

Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or a coding wizard, the opportunity to work for Apple is like a golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s factory. Their shiny headquarters in Cupertino, California, is an emblem of innovation and creativity. 

But what if you’re offered a position and live miles away or overseas? How will Apple support you in the move? Here, we’ll explain everything you need about the Apple relocation package.

Apple Relocation Benefits

Upon being offered a position, Apple is known to provide generous relocation benefits to help new hires settle into their new surroundings. These benefits are divided into two main categories: Lump Sum and Relocation Package.

Lump Sum

A lump sum is an upfront cash amount provided to you to cover moving costs. It is considered a relocation bonus, not to be confused with relocation reimbursement.. The amount varies depending on the job role and distance to be moved. Apple’s lump sum is designed to offer flexibility, allowing you to decide how you spend it based on your personal requirements.

Relocation Package

In addition to the lump sum, Apple also provides a structured relocation package. This includes resources and services like moving assistance, temporary housing, and other related expenses. The company takes care of most of the logistical headaches associated with moving.

How Much Does Apple Pay for Relocation?

The amount Apple pays for relocation varies widely based on your role, level, and the distance you will be moving. 

While Apple does not publicly disclose exact amounts, industry insiders suggest that the lump sum can range from $5,000 to $20,000, sometimes even more for higher-level positions. 

However, remember that the actual amount is often negotiable and may be influenced by factors like your previous salary, experience, and other job offers you may have.

What Does Apple’s Relocation Package Include?

Apple’s relocation package is comprehensive, though specifics may vary depending on your role, location, or other factors. Covering a variety of areas to ease your transition, these are some of the things that Apple’s relocation package typically includes:

Moving Assistance

Apple often helps with relocation assistance. It’s designed to ease the stress and logistical challenges associated with moving. Here are some critical aspects that moving help can cover:

  • Professional Movers: They may cover hiring professional movers, packing, transporting, and unpacking your belongings at your new home.
  • Transportation Costs: This can include shipping your personal belongings, furniture, or vehicle to your new location.
  • Travel Expenses: This can include costs for airfare, transportation for you and your family, and meal expenses.
  • Storage Services: Apple might cover the cost of storage services for your belongings if your new home still needs to be ready.

Temporary Housing

If you’re moving significantly, Apple might provide you with temporary housing. These benefits are beneficial if you’re relocating a considerable distance or internationally and you need time to find a permanent home. Here’s what these benefits might entail:

  • Housing Costs: Apple usually covers temporary housing costs for a specified period.
  • Furnished Accommodations: Temporary housing is typically fully provided, so you don’t need to worry about furniture when settling in.
  • Utility Costs: Apple may cover utility costs, such as electricity, heating, water, or internet services during your stay.
  • Location: The temporary housing is provided as close to your new workplace.

Travel Expenses

Apple may cover some travel expenses associated with your move. This could include plane tickets, car rentals, meals, and more. Here’s what these expenses might include:

  • Transportation: This could cover the costs of airfare, train tickets, or car rental.
  • Lodging: Apple may cover lodging expenses if your journey requires more than one day of travel.
  • Meals: The company may provide meals per diem or reimburse you for meals during travel. 
  • Incidental Expenses: These are travel-related miscellaneous costs, like parking fees or tipping.

Cost of Living Adjustment

In some cases, Apple may offer a cost of living adjustment, particularly if you’re moving from an area with a lower cost to an area with a higher cost of living. A cost of living adjustment (COLA) in a relocation package is a change in salary to account for differences in the cost of living between your old and new location. 

This adjustment is widespread in situations where employees are moving from an area with a lower cost of living to a room with a higher cost of living. The purpose of COLA is to ensure that you maintain a similar standard of living in your new location as you did in your previous location, despite differences in the cost of housing, groceries, utilities, transportation, healthcare, and other basic living expenses. 

Real Estate Assistance

Real estate assistance in a relocation package is designed to help you navigate the housing market in your new location, whether you plan to buy or rent. It can also provide support if you need to sell your current home. 

This assistance minimizes the stress and complexity of managing real estate transactions during your move. Here’s a general idea of what it might include:

  • Home Selling Support: Apple can help you sell your home and cover the cost of a real estate agent.
  • Home Buying Support: The company offers support in buying a home in your new location, such as covering closing costs and providing a loan for a downpayment.
  • Rental Assistance: This can help you cover certain costs about renting a home in your new location.
  • Temporary Housing: If you can’t immediately move into your new home, Apple may pay for temporary housing until your permanent residence is ready.
  • Lease Break Coverage: The company may cover the costs associated with early termination of your lease.

Family Assistance

If you’re moving with your family, Apple might provide spouse employment support and school search assistance for children. The aim is to minimize the disruption caused by the move and to help the whole family adjust to the new location. Family assistance may include:

  • Spousal Employment Support: This involves career counseling, job assistance, or employment placement services for your spouse or partner. 
  • School Search Assistance: This is good if you have school-aged children, as it helps you research schools and set up your children to attend the school.
  • Childcare Assistance: Apple can help you find a childcare provider in your new location.
  • Family Travel Costs: Apple may cover travel costs for your whole family during your move, not just you. 

Cultural Training

If you’re relocating internationally, you may receive cultural training to help you adjust to your new location. Cultural training can cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Business Practices and Etiquette: This involved local business customs, negotiation and communication styles, and organizational hierarchies.
  • Social Norms and Etiquette: Training includes dining etiquette, greetings, dress codes, and social behaviors. 
  • Local Culture and History: This helped you better understand your new environment and traditions.
  • Practical Information: This is to give you helpful information regarding public transportation, healthcare, grocery stores, and everyday life aspects.
  • Language Basics: Some cultural training include a basic language course.
  • Coping Strategies: This training often includes training on how to deal with culture shock and how to adapt to a new culture.

Immigration Support

For international moves, Apple often assists with immigration-related matters. It’s designed to prepare you (and potentially your family) for the cultural differences you’ll encounter in your new location and to help you navigate your new environment effectively and respectfully. 

This support ensures the employee fulfills all the legal requirements to work and live in the new country. Here are the key aspects of immigration support:

  • Visa Sponsorship: The most critical aspect of immigration support is the company sponsoring your work visa, which gives you the legal right to work in the new country. The company will usually handle the application process and cover the costs.
  • Legal Support: Immigration laws can be complicated and vary widely from one country to another. Companies often provide access to immigration attorneys or legal consultants who can guide you through the process and help with any paperwork or legal issues that might arise.
  • Immigration Fees: The company often covers various fees associated with immigration, such as visa application fees, biometrics fees, passport fees, and others.
  • Family Visas: If you’re moving with your family, the company may also assist with obtaining the necessary visas for your spouse or partner and any dependent children.
  • Relocation Support: Besides legal immigration support, the company may provide practical help with the logistics of your move, such as shipping your belongings, finding housing, and more.
  • Cultural and Language Training: If you’re moving to a country with a different language and culture, the company may provide resources to help you and your family adjust, such as language classes or cultural training.

Does Apple Offer an International Relocation Package?

Yes, Apple does offer international relocation packages. If you’re moving from another country, you can expect all the benefits mentioned above, plus additional support for immigration, such as visa sponsorship, legal aid, and language training. They even offer cultural training to help you and your family adjust to your new surroundings.

How to Get an Apple Relocation Package

The process to get an Apple relocation package starts with your job offer. If you’re offered a role that requires relocation, the details of your package will be outlined in your offer letter. Be bold and ask questions or negotiate terms. If there are specific things you need assistance with, let your recruiter know.

Apple Relocation Package- FAQs

What does a typical relocation package include?

A typical relocation package might include moving and transportation costs, temporary housing, job search assistance for a spouse, and transition assistance such as cultural training.

How much does Apple give for relocation?

The amount Apple offers for relocation can vary widely, but the lump sum is typically reported to be between $5,000 and $20,000, depending on various factors such as job role, level, and relocation distance.

How long until I am eligible to relocate with Apple?

Eligibility for relocation usually begins as soon as you receive a job offer. However, confirming this directly with your recruiter or HR contact at Apple is best.


Working for a tech giant like Apple has many benefits, and their relocation package is just one of them. They understand that moving is a significant event and aim to make it as smooth and hassle-free as possible. However, remember that every offer is unique. 

It’s crucial to understand what’s in your package and to communicate any specific needs to your recruiter. With Apple’s support, your move to join the Apple family could be the exciting fresh start you’ve been waiting for.

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