Bill Mulholland SCRP | GMS Director, ARC Relocation

“Like most Relocation Management Companies ARC Relocation tracks a number of metrics in an effort to measure “performance”. However at ARC we realize that we are only able to offer our clients and transferee’s the best pricing and the best service in the relocation industry if we are able to partner with the best service providers in each market.

Most Relocation Management Companies offer year-end service provider awards based on the service “metrics” from their system (survey scores, estimates to actuals etc.). These metrics are important but the intangibles are what separates a good service provider from an amazing service provider. The intangibles cannot be measured through metrics. As with all things that we do at ARC we have a commitment to take the examination of service providers deeper than the industry norm. After all the commodity that we sell at ARC Relocation is not only our experience, our knowledge, our expertise, our customer service but also our culture, our passion and our dedication to be the best Relocation Company in the world!” – Bill Mulholland SCRP, GMS – Director ARC Relocation


ARC Relocation is an Industry Leader for Employee Relocation Management Services. ARC services both the US Government and corporations around the world. ARC relocates thousands of employees each year in both the domestic United States and to and from over 85 countries world-wide.

To learn more about ARC Relocation please visit: “Why ARC” and “About ARC Relocation”.

Core Values

Teamwork – At ARC we function as a team. We embrace a positive culture and are here to support one another both personally and professionally. The company’s success is dependent on every employee and teamwork is recognized and rewarded!

Accountability – Relocation is a large financial obligation on part of the company and at the same time a large personal obligation on part of the relocating employee and family. As such ARC must embrace a culture of accountability to ensure that we are truly supporting the large obligations that our clients and transferees entrust us with.

Innovation – ARC was founded on an innovative affinity realtor rebate product. In 2004 ARC was the only RMC offering realtor rebate to transferees. Today most RMCs are matching ARCs rebate program. In order to continue to foster ARC’s growth and success we must continue to embrace and encourage innovation. All employees are encouraged to share ideas and embrace change!

Inspiration – At ARC we want to inspire people! We want to inspire people by setting an example. We want to inspire people to love what they do, take pride in their work, to be a good person and to help others!

Award Winners

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  • Override Films


    As an industry leader in aerial cinematography Override Films takes a unique approach to each and every video project they take on. The film Overrride completed for ARC Relocation successfully captured the “emotion” of the relocating family, the cultures ARC touches, the clients that ARC serves and the culture of ARC Relocation as a company! Override Film’s dedication to capturing powerful imagery and evoking emotion through their innovative approach to cinematography caused ARC Relocation to shortlist Override Films!

    See ARC’s one-minute video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmIvv91Sx9U

  • Long and Foster


    As one of the nation’s leading real estate brokerages Long & Foster is a “go to” provider of home sale and home finding services for ARC Relocation. Despite being the largest independent brokerage in the nation Long & Foster still has the feel of “personalized service”! The employees at ARC voted and felt that Long & Foster’s continued commitment to growth and at the same time continuing to providing industry leading customer service is truly inspirational!

  • Paxton Van Lines


    Paxton Van Lines is considered an industry leader for both domestic and international shipments of household goods. Paxton Van Lines consistently records exceeding service metrics in ARC’s system and records the highest customer service reviews. In addition to providing the best service Paxton is committed to “giving back”. Each year Paxton gives back to many, many charities. Each year ARC employees are inspired by Paxton’s generosity. In 2018 Paxton Van Lines donated employees and trucks to ARC’s relief shipment to Puerto Rico. This allowed the shipment to be larger and help more people. Paxton was shortlisted by ARC employees because of the company’s inspirational commitment to service AND charity in addition to their commitment to the industry! “Paxton is the type of company that ARC wants to be – an industry leader that also sets an example” said one ARC employee.

    Please see the video on the Paxton ARC shipment for relief good to Puerto Rico: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQ6rAJozI6A

  • Real Living Reserve Realtors


    Real Estate transactions are generally the largest cost in the relocation process and many times can be the most complex and most stressful to the transferee. Employees at ARC Relocation nominated Real Living Reserve Realtors for accountability and commented on the company survey how “liable” Real Living was and the fact that they “always step and will do anything to resolve the issue in an effort to help a transferee and to be a good partner!” In addition to their dedication to partnership many employees noted Real Living’s dedication to accurate and timely paperwork “Their BMAs are perfect, and they always keep us updated! They make my job MUCH easier! I wish I could use them every time!” commented one employee.

  • Florida Professional Realty | Joan Czukor

    Florida Professional Realty

    Joan Czukor has been a partner of ARC Relocation since ARC was founded in 2004. Joan is a premiere relocation agent servicing the real estate market of Miami, FL. Joan serves both corporate and government transferees for both home sales and home purchases. “Everyone loves Joan! She is a true team player!” Said one ARC employee survey. “I’ve worked with Joan my entire 18 years in the relocation industry. Joan is able to work with all of the providers involved in a home sale transaction (lenders, inspectors, buyers, sellers etc.) and make it all come together! She is always reminding everyone ‘we’re a team!’ She’s amazing and always puts the transferee first!” Said ARC Director Bill Mulholland.

  • Sandy Spring Bank | Aziza Mojadidi


    Aziza Mujadidi is the personal contact at Sandy Springs Bank for ARC Relocation. Aziza has transformed the perspective of employees at ARC Relocation and of ARC’s clients on what customer service and client loyalty should be. Aziza and Sandy Spring Bank were nominated for this award by the ARC employees because Aziza and Sandy Springs make the impossible possible. Aziza takes personal accountability in ensuring wires to vendors all over the world go through without a hitch. Aziza ensures that transferee’s equity from their home sales are deposited into their account after closing. Aziza calls to let us know when a client payment has been received into our account. Aziza comes into the ARC office to personally deliver paperwork on new client accounts to make our lives and jobs easier. Aziza also takes the time to say hello, ask everyone how they are and to smile. Aziza is the reason many times that our process goes so smoothly, and our clients and transfer are so satisfied with the process. Aziza has changed everyone at ARCs perspective on what a banking and business relationships should be and can be! 

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