Employee Repatriation Benefits [2022 Repatriation Assistance Guide]

While relocating employees to a different country is challenging, it becomes even more difficult when preparing for the employee to return home. Offering repatriation benefits to your returning employees can benefit both your employees and their families. Repatriation assistance should be a necessity when adding benefits to a relocation package.  

What Are Repatriation Benefits?

Repatriation is when an expatriate employee returns to their country of origin after working in a different country. It is common for repatriation benefits to be overlooked when putting together relocation packages

When your employee needs to move back to their home country, it can be costly. To help offset these costs and help your employee navigate this transition, you should consider including repatriation benefits in your company’s relocation packages.

Employee Repatriation Assistance Guide

What do Repatriation Benefits Cover?

When your employee is getting ready to move back into their home country, they might be feeling several emotions. Besides feeling overwhelmed, your employee and their family might experience reverse culture shock or anxiety regarding a new job position. Repatriation benefits cover several services to benefit both the employee and their family.

Departure Services

Many companies will assist their employees with lease termination, utility termination, de-registration from the local government and schools, dilapidation negotiations, and final billing when dealing with global mobility.

Move Management

Your company could help to coordinate the shipment of household goods from the departure location to your employee’s returning location with the help of a relocation specialist

Cross-Cultural Training

Cross-cultural training is also a great way to help your employee get used to the culture back in their home country. Cross-cultural training programs typically get started around six weeks after the employee has settled into their new location. This training will help identify any issues your employee may be experiencing due to changing countries.

Career Development

When your employee has been living in a different country for an extended period, it is essential for them to feel that their time in the other country was worth it. 

Your employee will want to use the experience they gained overseas and use that experience in their career when they return home. Career development will help your returning employee learn how to utilize their experience from overseas in their new job role when they return home and begin their new job position. 

Emotional Counseling

Many companies offer emotional counseling for both the returning employee and the employee’s family. Emotional counseling can help your employee feel confident about returning to a new career path in their home country and help them feel more comfortable with their new role. 

The employee’s family can also benefit from emotional counseling, especially children. Moving back and forth between countries can cause relocation depression, and counseling can help ease that toll. 

How ARC Relocation Can Help?

ARC can help take the stress out of your company’s corporate relocation. We can help your company create a good relocation package with repatriation benefits. Click here for a free consultation today.