GMS Certification [2023 Guide for Global Mobility Specialists]

Earning a GMS certification is a credential that is extremely sought after in the world of global relocation. This credential aims to encourage those working in global relocation to gain more extensive knowledge in all aspects of employee relocation. 

A GMS certification ensures that the employee has a universal and shared understanding of the entire field of employee relocation and even has mastered it. 

The Global Mobility Specialist program is intended for mobility professionals that are engaged in employee and corporate relocation.

What is a Global Mobility Specialist? 

A global mobility specialist is a person who specializes in international relocation services and has a unique knowledge of global workforce mobility. A global mobility specialist’s goal is to grow and become an expert in the global relocation field. 

Professionals who have earned a GMS certification deeply understand everything involved in international relocation, including visas and immigration considerations, spouse and family issues, taxes, and more. 

A global mobility specialist manages international employee populations, helps employees navigate new and unfamiliar work environments, handles various aspects of employee immigration, and provides the employee with resources to get better acclimated to the new culture. 

Global mobility specialists can relocate an employee to anywhere in the world, since they have policies in place to simplify the relocation process. 

Global Mobility Specialist Certification

What is a GMS Certification?

A GMS certification is a unique certification that relocation professionals must pass to prove they have achieved a common understanding of global relocation, relocation policies, and procedures. 

A GMS certificate is designed to educate relocation professionals and enhance the practices and principles of international relocation and intercultural management skills. 

For GMS holders to keep their certification up to date, they must complete 15 continuing education credits that focus on global workforce mobility and international management once every three years.

Global Mobility Certification Advantages

  • You can gain extensive knowledge in understanding all aspects of international employee relocation
  • Have more flexibility to expand your career
  • The GMS certification proves your expertise to employers
  • Remain current in critical issues in global mobility and business practices by continuing your education

How to Get a GMS Certification? 

To obtain a GMS certification through the Worldwide ERC, relocation professionals must take and pass a comprehensive online exam. 

  • You must complete three online educational modules within a three-year period
  • The online exam must be passed after you complete all three modules
  • You must attend the full day of each module so you can receive credit for attending GMS classes and can access the online exam

There are six modules in the exam to complete, and each person who tests must receive a score of at least 70 percent or higher to pass the exam. The online exam typically takes about 25 hours to complete.  

The online exam covers everything from intercultural management skills to the fundamentals of global workforce mobility. Those who have earned their GMS certification have the option to complete additional training, which can help you achieve the Senior Global Mobility Specialist (SGMS). 

GMS certified professionals can go even further and complete a course for strategic talent mobility, which focuses on how talent management and talent mobility come together.


Aside from the global mobility specialist (GMS), relocation professionals can also earn a certified relocation professional (CRP) certification. CRPs typically have a good understanding of the usual practices and principles involved in an employee relocation. 

They know how to handle obstacles that can arise during an employee relocation and help the moving employee get the best experience possible. A GMS is similar to a CRP but has undergone more extensive testing to earn the certification. 

A GMS is qualified to handle global employee relocations, as a CRP handles employee relocations mainly within the United States.

Do You Need a GMS Certification to be a Global Mobility Specialist? 

Yes, you need a GMS certification to be a global mobility specialist. With this special certification, you are qualified to handle international relocations.

With the GMS certification, you will have the proper education regarding international relocation, procedures, and policies.

Final Thoughts

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