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Commercial Moving Services [What Should They Provide in 2024?]

Relocating for work can be one of the most demanding things to ever happen to your employees. That makes it necessary to provide them with the necessary support in every step of the process. This is where commercial moving services can play a big role and ensure limited downtime. 

No matter what your relocation policy is, the right commercial moving company can help you in saving time and effort during the entire process. 

The Services Offered by a Commercial Moving Company 

Relocation can involve not just the employees, but the movement of an entire office or business sector to a different location. When it’s a global relocation, the work and effort required are even more. 

Here are some of the ways in which the right company helps in the entire process:

You’re Hiring A Team of Experts

By hiring commercial moving services like ARC, you are engaging a team of trained professionals who have the right set of knowledge and skills to get the job done. They are familiar with the intricacies of the entire process and can tie up all the loose ends to ensure that nothing is missed. At the same time, they can ensure the best levels of safety and security during the process.

If you are moving an entire office, there will be expensive equipment to relocate like computers, printers, copiers, or even bigger machinery that need careful handling. A trained team is well versed with the details of packing and handling these items to prevent any form of damage. With professional commercial moving service at every stage, there is no need for your or your employees to stress over the process.

Commercial Relocation Services

Effective Planning

The first stage of any business relocation is proper planning. Organizing the entire process in line with your relocation policy can be a cumbersome task as there are numerous small details to take care of. Furthermore, multiple aspects of the process should fall in place at the right time to make it successful.

Reliable business moving services like ARC understand the requirements of a business and help in formulating the right plan at a global level. They also have the right level of experience to effectively coordinate with multiple departments of the business like human resources, management, and finance, as required.

Specialized Equipment

When it comes to moving the larger items in your office, you need to use proper equipment. Hiring the right equipment on your own not only takes time but will also add to your expenses. The right office relocation services will provide you with the necessary vehicles, packing materials, crates, and cranes needed for the process. 

Furthermore, you don’t need to deal with multiple vendors at any point. A single point of contact can help you move through the entire process in an efficient manner.

Hassle-free Cargo Shipping

One important aspect of any relocation is shipping the cargo in the best possible manner. If it’s a global relocation, there can be factors related to shipping rates, taxes, and legal parameters. Unless thorough research is done, these can be a barrier to the entire relocation process. Moreover, HR teams unfamiliar with the terrain will find it a demanding task.

By using the commercial moving services of an experienced commercial mover, you need not spend time on these subjects. They are familiar with the ins and outs of the system and can handle the issues related to cargo shipping, arrange for cargo clearances. The team can even provide you with the best shipping rates. The cargo is also monitored properly during transit and the cargo shipping dates are closely tracked.

Proper Support for Employees

In most cases, the employees may not have the right experience about relocating. Besides, figuring out the details about asset relocation can be a stressful situation for their families too. 

Commercial moving companies will ensure proper support for a relocating family and ensure smooth communication at all levels. Apart from full relocation assistance, they can also help the employees with issues like real estate purchases.

At the end of the day, employee satisfaction is a critical aspect of any business. The support of a professional commercial mover can not only reduce employee stress but can also boost their morale. Additionally, this will allow the employees to focus more on the work front. 

Special Services from ARC Relocation

ARC has years of unmatched experience in managing relocations and offers a wide variety of services for all types of businesses. From field workers to high-level executive relocations, we have offered our best services to a wide range of clients.

This provides ARC with the right level of knowledge about the requirements of individuals and businesses during a complex relocation process. It offers a full spectrum of services including the shipment of household goods, property management programs, lease negotiation, and more. Beyond that, we also offer destination services like area familiarization to help employees settle down in a new location. 

All of these services are tailored after conducting a necessary need analysis of individual families. At the heart of the process is the industry-leading customer service through a single point of contact in the form of a relocation specialist. ARC also uses proprietary technology to ensure the best outcome for its customers at all levels.

Note, ARC is a fully independent company. That allows it to choose the best service providers based on service quality and price. The entire process remains free from ownership obligations and affiliations.

Commercial Moving: FAQs

How early should I book my commercial move?

We recommend booking your commercial move 8-12 weeks in advance if possible. Commercial moves often require more coordination, permits, equipment rentals etc. Booking early gives us more time to plan and ensure your move goes smoothly.

How does a commercial move differ from a residential move?

Overall, commercial moves are much more customized with additional planning, logistics, permits, and costs involved, making choosing an experienced commercial mover essential. There are several key differences between commercial and residential moves:

  • Size & Scale – Commercial moves are often larger with more furniture, inventory, and equipment to move requiring more trucks, movers, possible specialty equipment, etc.
  • Customized Planning – Commercial moves require more coordination and planning customized to your business’s specific needs and schedule versus residential’s more general process.
  • Permits & Regulations – We often have to arrange permits with the city or meet special regulations due to oversized loads, hazards materials, elevator reservations etc.
  • IT/Data Security – For commercial moves, we follow strict data privacy protocols and coordinate with your IT team to move networking equipment properly without disruption.
  • Insurance Differences – Commercial insurance protects company property and inventory at replacement costs versus personal possessions for homeowners insurance.

What types of businesses do commercial moving companies provide services for?

Commercial moving companies can be used for various office and industrial relocations, such as general offices, tech firms, bank branches, legal firms medical and dental offices, labs and testing facilities, manufacturing facilities, and more.

Experienced commercial movers have tailored solutions whether you’re a large corporation, small business, nonprofit, boutique shop or anything in between.

Final Thoughts

As a business owner, you may have too much on your plate to handle a relocation all by yourself. Nevertheless, expanding the horizons of your business by relocating can be a necessity. Choosing the right commercial moving services can ensure that the entire relocation process remains efficient, secure, and cost-effective for your business.

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